Fortnite: now you can ride your own guided missile to victory

By Marshall Lemon, Monday, 2 April 2018 18:38 GMT

If it wasn’t enough to ride somebody else’s guided missile in Fortnite, now players can ride their own.

Fortnite has become so popular that players are discovering tricks that Epic never included in the actual game. The latest such example involves guided missiles, which other players could jump onto and ride to distant locations. Now the trick goes a step further – players can literally ride their own missiles to victory.

The trick was confirmed and recorded by Twitch streamer hottshy. As seen in the clip, hottshy steers the guided missile in a loop before restoring the character’s controls and jumping onto the passing explosive. After jumping off the missile, Hottshy even manages to build a floor for a controlled descent.

rocket rode myself with new launcher and won the solos game from r/FortNiteBR

With this trick, hottshy was able to sneak behind the final unsuspecting opponent and eke out a victory.

Now obviously there are some drawbacks to riding a missile solo. You won’t be able to steer the missile, and have to hope you aimed in the right direction once you’ve jumped on. But if your timing is just right, this trick might just give you the edge needed to win.

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