Monster Hunter World Horizon Zero Dawn event part two starts soon – here’s how you’ll earn Aloy’s armor

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 13 February 2018 15:11 GMT

Part two of Monster Hunter World’s Horizon Zero Dawn event will start soon, and you will need to check a few things off your list before jumping into it.

The Horizon Zero Dawn cross-over event with Monster Hunter World on PS4 will start in two weeks, and players will need to prepare for it.

In order to earn Aloy’s armor from the Guerrilla Games title, players will need to reach Hunter Rank 11 by February 28. This is when The Proving event starts, and hopefully, this provides you with plenty of time to reach the set goal.

After hitting Rank 11, players will need to fight a Anjanath. Whether this is an event Anjanath or the standard one in-game is not known at this time, but just know you will need to bring the beast down to get Aloy’s sweet-looking armor. Here’s how to kill the standard version of Anjanath in Monster Hunter World.

Once the prerequisites are completed, special materials and other loot items dropped from the monster can be taken to the blacksmith to craft.

Monster Hunter World players will have until March 5 in order to acquire Aloy’s PS4-exclusive armor.

In terms of stats, whether the Horizon Zero Dawn set will be on par withother armor in Monster Hunter World or how the bow will rank among Monster Hunter World’s weapons remains to be seen.

Capcom hasn’t provided firm details on Aloy’s armor, but we do know it’s a full set. Because of this, it will not be compatible with other armor pieces, but when donned, you will not only be dressed as Aloy, you’ll look like her too whether you chose a male or female character in Monster Hunter World.

Hopefully, you were able to grab your Palico Watcher Machine gear before part one of the event ended on February 9.

We’ll be sure to remind you about part two of the Monster Hunter World Horizon Zero Dawn event before it kicks off.

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