You’ll soon be able to use My Nintendo Gold Points to buy Switch games off the eShop

February 09, 2018 Sherif Saed

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My Nintendo Gold Points holders everywhere will soon be able to spend the points on actual Switch games.

Nintendo announced that starting in “early March”, My Nintendo Gold Points will be getting a major new use. If you have Gold Points in your account, you’ll be able to use them to buy Switch games and DLC on the eShop.

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This applies to North America, Europe, and Japan. You’ll be able to use your Gold balance either through the console, or on the official site.

Switch game prices in Gold Points were not revealed, but Nintendo did confirm that each digital purchase earns you 5% in Gold Points, compared to 1% for physical games. As an example, getting a $60 game through the eShop earns you the equivalent of $3 in Gold Points.

Nintendo also didn’t reveal if this comes with any limitations, such certain games being excluded, or a limit to the number of points you can use per purchase.

My Nintendo is the company’s reward programme. Previously, you were only able to use your balance on in-game items, discounts, and things of that nature.

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The Gold Points accrued remain valid until the last day of the month in the following year, so anyone who earned My Nintendo points in March 2017 or later, will be able to use them to buy Switch games when this update goes live.

My Nintendo Gold is earned in a number of ways, including buying games through the eShop. Many of Nintendo’s smartphone apps also offer Gold rewards for completing certain tasks, and the company even emails Gold bonuses to members from time to time.

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