Shadow of the Colossus: how to unlock Time Attack mode and all the rewards

By Staff, Tuesday, 6 February 2018 09:38 GMT

Shadow of the Colossus isn’t over once you’ve defeated all the great beasts.

Beating the game the first time around will allow you to begin new game+ mode. From here you can try the Time Attack modes.

To start a Time Attack kneel and pray before one of the Colossus in the Shrine of Worship.

There are two Time Attack modes you unlock, and both grant you lots of cool weapons and tools to make hunting the Colossus easier.

You’ll unlock one item every time you beat two Colossi. Just head to the pool at the back of the Shrine of Worship to pick them up and equip them.

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Normal Time Attack mode

  • Whistling Arrow

Defeat 2 Colossus
This arrow is great for distracting Colossus and getting their attention

  • Cloak of Force

Defeat 4 Colossus
This will help you deal more sword damage to a Colossus

  • Mask of Strength

Defeat 6 Colossus
You’ll stab the Colossus with more force, inflicting deeper wounds and causing more damage

  • Lizard Detection Stone

Defeat 8 Colossus
With this you’ll be able to find all 128 lizards in the world

  • Fruit Tree Map

Defeat 10 Colossus
Allows you to find the fruit trees easier

  • Mask of Power

Defeat 12 Colossus
with this you’ll inflict massive damage to a Colossus

  • Cloak of Deception

Defeat 14 Colossus
You are now invisible to the Colossi

  • Flash Arrow

Defeat 16 Colossus
This explosive arrow will harm a Colossus without hitting its weak spot

  • Brown Horse

Defeat 16 Colossus
You can now ride a brown horse instead of a black one

Hard Time Attack mode rewards

  • Harpoon of Thunder

Defeat 2 Colossus
This is a longer range weapon, similar to the bow

  • Sword of the Sun

Defeat 4 Colossus
Your sword will cast a beam of light even in shadowed areas

  • Fruit Tree map

Defeat 6 Colossus
Every fruit tree is marked on your map

  • Shaman’s Cloak

Defeat 8 Colossus
You’ll take less damage when hit by a Colossus

  • Lizard Detection Stone

Defeat 10 Colossus
This stone lets you detect the white tailed lizards

  • Shaman’s Mask

Defeat 12 Colossus
Like the Shaman’s Cloak, this further reduces damage

  • Cloth of Desperation

Defeat 14 Colossus
A parachute to save you from long falls

  • Queen’s Sword

Defeat 16 Colossus
This is the weapon from Ico

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