Fortnite version 2.4.0 incoming – here’s the patch notes

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 2 February 2018 18:40 GMT

Version 2.4.0 of Fortnite is ready to be applied to your game, once Epic brings the game back online.

Fortnite V.2.4.0 will be made available after some downtime, which occurred at 1pm EST today.

The update was originally delayed in order to further improve stability and “hammer out some remaining bugs.”

Along with a list of fixes, balancing and additional features, the update contains the promised freebies which are compensation for the issues which have popped up since the  new additions were added the main map last week. was forced offline due to database problems.

Fortnite Battle Royale players will be handed 20 Battle Stars towards Battle Pass progression and 1600 Seasonal Gold will be given  to Save the World players to be used in the Event Store.

While you wait for Fortnite to come back online, give the patch notes below a read.



Fortnite V.2.4.0 – General

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some users would get unnecessarily long queue times while logging into the game.
  • Fixed an issue where some users would have to wait in line additional time after their queue timer completed.

Fortnite V.2.4.0 – Battle Royale


  • MiniGun
    • Found in Chests and Supply drops
    • Fires almost as quickly as SMG
    • Uses Light ammo
  • Suppressed Pistol
    • Reduced drop chances of Epic variant by 20%.
    • Reduced drop chances of Legendary variant by 33%.


  • Added “Controller Auto Run” option.
    • This enables/disables the auto run feature on controllers.
    • Auto run, which was introduced in v2.3.0, is enabled by double clicking the left thumb stick on controllers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a few landscape areas that were barely below floor height before.
    • This sometimes caused the majority of a structure to appear underground.
  • Players can now shoot through the Soccer goal.


  • Added “3D Resolution” slider to Video options on PC and Mac.
    • This new preference allows you to set the resolution of the 3D world, without affecting the user interface.
    • The range goes between 640×360 and your selected Display Resolution. Using a lower 3D Resolution may greatly improve frame rate.
    • When selecting an overall Quality option, an appropriate 3D Resolution will be chosen automatically.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a client crash that would get triggered by an audio cue.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from unmuting other players in the lobby screen.
  • Fixed an issue causing an incorrect character model to display on the lobby screen.
  • Fixed an issue causing entire walls to highlight when looking at a door.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed client hitching which could occur when the Chug Jug was found in game.
  • Made engine performance improvements to how we process collision overlap events.
  • Reduced network bandwidth usage when players are walking, and when they are standing still



  • Added spectator count UI to the HUD. This appears in game as a small eye in the lower left corner when there are active spectators. Better off not knowing? There is also an option to disable the feature under game options labeled “Show Spectator Count”.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed an unnecessary button prompt on the left side of the news widget
  • Added a border highlight around item shop tiles when selecting them on consoles
  • Fixed an issue allowing the old trap picker radial menu to open. This radial menu is no longer used for selecting traps
  • Fixed an issue causing weapon icons to not display properly on the hotbar in some cases
  • Fixed a few spots on the map and minimap that were rendered as black spots
  • Fixed the floor under the hero not showing up when previewing emotes in the locker or item shop
  • Fixed emotes being offset if they were viewed in succession


  • Optimized the colored rarity effect on weapons and items to improve overall performance.
    • Colors may look slightly different.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the drinking speed animation for the 15-second Chug Jug item


Bug Fixes

  • Improved spatialization of loot chest audio by increasing the audio volume if you’re aiming at them
  • Removed the static audio from living room televisions
  • Fixed a directional audio issue when another player switches to a shotgun
  • Removed footstep audio from dance emotes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the missing collision on a window asset in Tilted Towers
  • Fixed the landscape appearing jagged at medium-range distances
  • Fixed flickering artifacts that are sometimes seen on the rivers while riding the Battle Bus
  • Fixed an issue causing two items to spawn in the same location near Lonely Lodge
  • Fixed some seams in the terrain south of Anarchy Acres.
  • Disabled the collision on the vines in Moisty Mire.


Fixed Issues

  • Incorrect building piece can be highlighted when quickly entering build mode and swapping building pieces
  • Mac clients are unable to see sniper or scoped AR scope reticle
  • Using Cozy Campfire in the pre-game lobby appears to give full shields above player health bar after exiting bus
  • In-game team player names aren’t appearing while spectating
  • PS4 Resolution is significantly lower than it has been in the past.

Known Issues

  • Chests occasionally have no loot in them
  • Sometimes the first weapon found cannot be equipped
  • You cannot open the pause menu if you go into the DBNO state while in build mode.

Fortnite V.2.4.0 – Save the World


Context Sensitive menus are live

  • More options are available when interacting with items in the Hero Squad, Survivor Squads, and Armory. Schematics and people can be directly added to the Collection Book now.

Cozy Campfire

  • All allied players and Defenders in a 3×3 tile area around the Campfire are healed over time. Lasts until the fire has consumed its Durability. The Cozy Campfire trap schematic is available through the Event Store.

Two New Expedition Types

  • People Runs: A free to run expedition that lets you gather a small amount of People (resource)
  • Trap Runs: These expeditions will let you gather traps through expeditions

Balancing changes on some existing expeditions

  • Improved rewards, with slightly lower power costs
  • We’re continuing to iterate to make this better! Please tell us what you think!


Bug Fixes

  • The Anti-Material Charge hitbox will more reliably hit enemies in front of the Outlander on startup
  • Fixed the healing visual effects not properly being removed when a player is healed from BASE M.D
  • Additionally, the healing effect is now periodic instead of being applied as soon as you touch the affected BASE


Bug Fixes

  • Husks from encampments will no longer spawn under the terrain


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problems working with the in-zone transfer UI for severely overflowed Storm Shield storage

Please note: In a near future release, it will not be possible to claim expedition rewards while Storm Shield storage is overflowed. Respecting the storage limit is important to protecting player items

  • Updated the frag grenade tooltip to reflect the recent changes to Keep Out and Cluster Bomb
  • Cluster Bomb: Releases 6 cluster explosions around the impact site that will each do 25% of the original damage
  • Keep Out!: Leaves a residual energy field, doing 15% of the initial grenade blast damage every 1 second, over 10 seconds
  • Update the Cardio Feedback perk tooltip to properly display the base healing amount of 15 instead of 13
  • Fixed many incorrect tooltips


  • Removed a few llamas from the store rotation: Double Llama, Fiver Llama, Six Pack Llama, Niner Llama
  • The 3, 7 and 10 versions of this Llama still exist. This was done to focus on a smaller number of variants of this llama type
  • Rebalanced the amount of starting ammunition for ranged weapons when picked up in the world

Fixed Issues

  • Legendary Hero Transformation Key has Defender Key image and description
  • Hero and Defender art does not show when inspecting them from the armory

Known Issues

  • Players are sometimes unable to select card choice when opening an Upgrade Llama.
  • Items in the collection book cannot be evolved after leaving a zone.
  • When inspecting an item located in the players inventory the display image may not appear properly.
  • Dropped items may appear invisible to players, this is rare and the item can still be picked up.
  • Teammate Player Icons are not shown on fullscreen map
  • Hitching occurs during the in-zone day changing
  • The ability to edit placed structures may become locked
  • Chest loot speed is slower than normal
  • Tactical perk china shop does not scale damage for higher theaters
  • Inspecting a slotted survivor or defender on the Squads tab causes their portrait to persist in the background
  • Show backpack setting does not change when toggled
  • Playstation Trophy is not awarded in Save the World
  • Defender is summoned with previously equipped weapon on second Defender Pad
  • Name sorting does not apply to all items in schematic inventory
  • BluGlo counter not working when in teams
  • Station wagon cars are missing health bars and weak points

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