Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds quest list, content checklist and trophies

By Brenna Hillier
19 December 2017 22:10 GMT

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds offers plenty of new quests, challenges and feats for eager hunters. Here’s everything you can see and do.

The Frozen Wilds adds a whole new area to the Horizon Zero Dawn map, and it is fully populated with a stack of new quests and activities.

On this page, part of our Horizon Zero Dawn guide, we’ll outline the various things you can get up to in The Cut, a new area found to the North of the main game’s map. This is where you’ll find content added with The Frozen Wilds expansion.

As well as the primary story quests and major side quests, we’ll list open world content and even provide a list of Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds trophies for you to pursue. That ought to keep you busy for a while.

Stay away from the Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds trophy list at the bottom of the page if you want to avoid spoilers. The rest of the article is pretty safe.


Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds main quests

Here is the main quest sequence for The Frozen Wilds. It is listed in Horizon Zero Dawn’s quest menu under side quests, but it’s a linear sequence that takes you on a tour of the main locations, and provides access to dungeons otherwise locked to Aloy.

To kick off the main quest in The Frozen Wilds, you’ll need to approach the edge of The Cut and push into the new area. (See: our page on how to start Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.)

Although the questline may seem short, the middle of the arc will have you haring after multiple objectives of your choice from a lengthy list of options, and each quest after the first involves a fair bit of exploration and dungeon delving – not to mention opportunities to finish the major side quests while you’re at it.

  • Into The Frozen Wilds
  • The Shaman’s Path
  • For the Werak
  • The Forge of Winter

Horizon Zero Dawn: Into the Frozen Wilds side quests and errands

Here are the major side quests and errands we’ve found in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds so far. We’ve given details of how to trigger each one, as well.

  • Waterlogged
    Speak to the despondent musician at Song’s Edge. Available immediately after Into The Frozen Wilds.
  • Secret Shared (errand)
    Speak to the shouting shaman along the path leading north from Song’s Edge. Available immediately after Into The Frozen Wilds. Unlocks spear mods.
  • The Survivor
    Speak to the Werak leader in Keener’s Rock – a small settlement north and slightly east of Greycatch ruins, and southwest of the Snowchant Hunting Lodge.
  • The Hunters Three
    Talk to Burgrend in Song’s Edge after completing The Shaman’s Path.
  • Geared up: Forgefire (errand)
    Talk to Varga at Longnotch, a settlement along the east border of The Cut, after clearing the Stone Yield bandit camp and opening the reward box. Upgrades Forgefire.
  • Geared up: Stormslinger (errand)
    Talk to Varga after completing The Shaman’s Path and opening the reward box. Upgrades Stormslinger.
  • Geared Up: Ice Rail (errand)
    Talk to Varga after completing For the Werak and opening the reward box. Upgrades Ice Rail.
  • The Claws Beneath (errand)
    Speak to Umnak at Longnotch after completing For the Werak.
  • Out of the Forge (errand)
    Speak to Aratak at the end of The Forge of Winter.
  • Frontier Justice
    Speak to Inatut at Song’s Edge after The Forge of Winter.
  • Ikrie’s Challenge
    Speak to Ikrie at the Snowchants Hunting Grounds after The Survivor
  • Tallneck
    Approach the tallneck marker on your map.
  • Bandit Camp – Stone Yield
    Approach the bandit camp marker on your map.
  • Snowchants Hunting Grounds
    Visit the Snowchants Hunting Grounds and speak with the huntmaster.


Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds open world content

In addition to the journal-tracked quests and errands described above, there are two new kinds of collectables, a new currency resource and one major challenge to complete as you explore Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds trophies

Feel like you’ve totally spanked Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wild? Not until you’ve earned all these tophies, you haven’t. Beware of spoilers in the trophy names and descriptions!

  • Took the Shaman’s Path
    Survived the Shaman’s Path and found Ourea’s retreat.
  • Won the Werak Challenge
    Challenged Aratak at the Frostfigures and won.
  • Completed the Second Expedition
    Successfully assaulted Thunder’s Drum.
  • Conquered the Mountain
    Drove out the threat within the mountain.
  • Drained the Flood
    Completely drained the floodwater from inside the Greycatch.
  • Won Ikrie’s Challenge
    Met Ikrie again at the Snowchants Hunting Ground and took first place in her challenge.
  • Fully Improved Weapons
    Acquired the improved versions of three weapons from Varga.
  • All Quests completed
    Completed all side quests and errands in the Frozen Wilds.
  • All Activities completed
    Completed the Tallneck, Bandit Camp and Hunting Ground in the Cut.
  • First Spear Modification
    Applied a modification to your spear.
  • 5 Dismount Strikes
    Killed 5 enemies using the Dismount Strike skill.
  • 5 Machine Types Repaired
    Used the Machine Repair or Mount Repair skill on 5 different types of machine.
  • Killed 15 Scorchers
    Killed 15 Scorcher machines.
  • Killed 10 Frostclaws
    Killed 10 Frostclaw machines.
  • Killed 6 Fireclaws
    Killed 6 Fireclaw machines.
  • All Control Towers disabled
    Disabled all Control Towers by overriding or destroying them.
  • All Pigments found
    Found all of the Pigments in the Cut.
  • All Animal Figurines found
    Found all of the Animal Figurines in the Cut.
  • First Bluegleam Trade
    Traded Bluegleam for a special weapon or outfit.
  • All Frozen Wilds Skills
    Learned all of the new skills in the Frozen Wilds.
  • Reached Level 60
    Reached player level 60.

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