Destiny 2: how to beat the Calus Challenge in the Leviathan Raid

By Brenna Hillier
19 December 2017 21:59 GMT

Destiny 2 players tackle the ultimate Leviathan Raid Challenge as they face off against Calus, the emperor himself.

The fourth Leviathan Raid Challenge debuted in Destiny 2 this week, and it’s a good ‘un: Calus, the final boss of the raid.

Below you’ll find a video and text walkthrough of the Calus Leviathan Raid Challenge to help you tackle one of Destiny 2’s most formidable battles. As ever, this will all be a lot easier if you swing by our Destiny 2 guide and make sure you’re on top of the Leviathan Raid walkthrough and also the advanced strategies to beat Leviathan Raid in under an hour.

Ready to go? At the Calus checkpoint at the end of the Leviathan Raid? Remember how the buttons work in Destiny 2? Great: let’s dive on in. Here’s a video from Arekkz, or scroll on down to do this the old fashioned way.

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The Calus Leviathan Raid Challenge isn’t too hard, actually, but does blow the fight out beyond the one or two phases your fireteam might be used to. Basically, you need to use all four plates simultaneously during the damage phase.

To walk through it: start the encounter as normal by shooting the chalice out of Calus’s hand and fight mobs until three players are teleported to the shadow realm, where they shoot skulls and adds. The three players in the throne realm will be managing adds, and will also melee the psions in turn, matching them in turn to the emblem missing from those called out by the shadow realm team, so that the right one gets punched and everyone is reunited in the throne room after all four have had their turn.

Here’s where things get a bit different: instead of everyone grouping up on one plate, your group needs to jump up on all four laters simultaneously. The best way to do this is to assign everyone to a specific plate, so they know exactly where to go, and you can all jump on together after a count of three.

Ideally, you want two players on the front left plate, two players on the front right plate, and one player each on the remaining two plates. Maximise your damage on the front two plates – Rally Barricades and Damage Rifts are great here – and make sure the two players on more distant plates have reasonable long range weapons, since they’re further away from Calus.

Since using all four plates at once reduces your total damage time, you will do less damage in each damage phase. That means your looking at a two or more probably three damage phase fight, so you’ll have to keep your cool for longer. But that’s it! Apart from getting the timing right on plate activation, it’s not so hard.

We expect the four existing Leviathan Raid challenges to begin to repeat from now on rather than for new ones to pop up, so swing by our Destiny 2 guide to check out the other three as you need them.

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