The Evil Within 2: where to find the Warden Crossbow and how to craft shock, harpoon, smoke, explosive & freeze bolts

By Staff
13 October 2017 08:05 GMT

The Evil Within 2 isn’t just about your everyday firearms – it also hands you a lethal crossbow.

The Warden Crossbow is a unique weapon that fires different ammo types – bolts – that lend themselves to different play styles. You can lay traps with Shock Bolts or go stealthy with Freeze and Harpoon Bolts. Or just blow shit up with an Explosive Bolt. It’s up to you.

While you’ll find a number of bolts knocking around Union and its various buildings, if you want to make the most of the Warden Crossbow you should be crafting your own ammo. You just need to keep an eye out and scavenge for; fuses, smoke powder, nails, metal pipes, condensers and of course gunpowder.

There comes a point in The Evil Within 2 where you will not be able to progress without it, but you should hunt down the Warden Crossbow sooner rather than later. During Chapter 3 is your perfect opportunity, the same time that you should head off to find the broken sniper rifle and also be on the look out for other guns including shotguns and pistols as well as the eight Mysterious Objects. Always remember the locations of safe houses so you can nip in, recharge your health and pick up supplies.

Where to find the Warden Crossbow

Pull up your Communicator and look at the Mobius APC that O’Neil marked on it. You don’t have to go far to find it, but keep low to avoid any conflict. When you get to the APC pick up the Warden Crossbow. A cutscene will play and you now have the perfect opportunity to try out the Shock Bolts. Also remember to pick up the Harpoon Bolts here.


Crossbow and bolts

Warden Crossbow: This is one of your main weapons in The Evil Within 2 and essential to taking down multiple enemies and creating traps. Get used to it, you’re going to need it a lot. You can find it in the Residential Area as noted above.

Shock Bolt: This electric shock will chain from one enemy to another and knock them on their asses. Once down you should stomp them for an instant kill. Be aware that stronger enemies won’t be knocked down but can still be shocked and damaged. It can also be fired at fuse boxes to open locked electronic doors (such as at safehouses) and into pools of water to electrocute multiple enemies. You’ll find your first Shock Bolts with the Warden Crossbow.

You can craft a Shock Bolt with Fuses and Gunpowder.

Smoke Bolt: Smoke bolts are initially used to cut of the enemy’s sight, helping you escape. Useful if there are multiple enemies or you need to move through a big area without much cover. Once upgraded at a workbench you’ll be able to stealth kill enemies inside the smoke radius. You can find your first Smoke Bolts inside Union Power and Gas in the Residential District.

You can craft a Smoke Bolt using Smoke Powder and Gunpowder.

Explosive Bolt: This area of effect explosive sprays nails as shrapnel, hitting multiple enemies. It also makes them useful against large enemies because they struggle to avoid the blast. Fire at the feet of enemies for maximum blast radius damage but be careful of getting caught in the blast yourself. You’ll find a few freebies in the Residential Area at Union Auto Repair.

You can craft Explosive Bolts using Gunpowder and Nails.

Harpoon Bolt: This silent bolt is great for pinning enemies down and taking off limbs. Save them for stealth attacks wherever possible. You can find a few in the Union Power and Gas building in the Residential District and there are a couple with the Warden Crossbow when you first pick it up.

If you want to make Harpoon Bolts you’ll need to find metal pipes.

Freeze Bolt: Perhaps the least useful of the crossbow bolts, these either freeze and shatter an enemy or stop them moving for a limited time. You can find some in Union Nature Preserve at Torre’s Safe House.

To craft Freeze Bolts you’ll need Gunpowder and Condensers.

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