Destiny 2: here are the five best weapons you can get your hands on in Iron Banner

By James O'Connor
11 October 2017 23:06 GMT

The Iron Banner has eight exclusive guns that you can get in drops, but some are better than others.

In our enormous Destiny 2 guide we’ve covered all the best weapons, including a list of every Exotic weapon, but Destiny 2 will constantly evolve and add new content over its lifespan. Iron Banner has brought new weapons with it, and knowing which ones are worth taking into the Crucible could help you to lift your game. We’ve got some tips for kicking butt in Iron Banner, which you’ll need to do to unlock these weapons.

Thankfully, Arekkz has gone through each one and tested them for us to figure out which guns work best in a combat situation.

You can have a look at all Iron Banner weapons this week through a handy video we posted yesterday. It also includes images of each of the five recommended guns below.

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In order, he recommends:

5. The Hero’s Burden
This is a sub-machine gun with a very high fire rate and low recoil. It’s got the threat detector perk too, which improves several of the gun’s stats you’re close to an enemy. The range isn’t great, which means that you’ll want to get up close and personal whenever possible, making this perk very useful. – where you want to be using an SMG. The magazine is small, which means that you could run into trouble in a 2 on 1 situation, but it’s a fine gun.

4. The Wizened Rebuke
This is a fusion rifle with high impact value and good aim assist. It has a long charge time, but you can shorten that with the ‘backup plan’ perk, which reduces charge time for a period after you switch from another weapon to this one. It’s very powerful and accurate, and has a good look and feel to it.

3. The Fool’s Remedy
This is a sidearm that fires rapidly and keeps up well with moving targets thanks to its perk set. Not everyone is big on sidearms, but Bungie has always nailed the feel of these smaller guns, right back to the handgun from Halo 1, so there’s a lot of satisfaction in firing it off. It doesn’t have the best range, but get close to your enemies and it’s powerful.

2. The Forward Path
Arekkz calls this autorifle his favourite gun from Iron Banner, even if it’s not quite the best if he’s being objective. This gun has great stats and is easy to use, and although it has a small magazine one of the perk choices lets you boost that a bit. It works best when fired in short bursts, and can do big damage from a higher range than most of the guns on this list.

1. The Time-Worn Spire
This pulse rifle might not have the most obviously amazing stats, but according to Arekkz “you really need to use it to understand”. This is a satisfying, powerful weapon that takes enemies down fast. During combat its stability and damage mean that you can quickly kill your opponents from just about any range, making this a versatile and useful weapon.

Of course, to get any of these you’ll need to be lucky with your drops, so jump into the Iron Banner and see what you can get. There’s plenty of cool Iron Banner armour to unlock as well.

Best of luck out there, Guardians.

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