Destiny 2: get the Rat King Exotic easily with this week’s Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike

By Staff
12 September 2017 19:38 GMT

If you missed grabbing the Rat King Exotic during last week’s Nightfall in Destiny 2, you’re in luck.

Destiny 2 has reset for the week, bringing us a new Nightfall – Inverted Spire with the Prism and Timewarp: Rings modifiers active.

Below you will find information on the Nightfall modifiers as well as a few tips on the boss fight, in both video and text form. Combined with our Destiny 2 guide, and specifically our tips on combining Destiny 2 class abilities for maximum DPS, you should be laughing in the face of that 5 minute time limit.

Although it’s a challenging strike, it’s a little easier than last week’s and that means you have an excellent opportunity to complete the Rat King Weapon Quest from the Titan World Quest and obtain one of Destiny 2’s nicest Exotic Weapons.

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The Prism modifier for the Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike comes into play by dealing out extra damage when using weapons with the same element as the enemy. It’s essential for each member of the group to be carrying two weapons with different elemental damage.

As Arekkz notes, just make sure there’s at least even elemental coverage across your Fireteam. This will keep you from having to switch out weapons all the time – unless you want to, of course. Kinetic remains unchanged, and the enemy element will rotate.

However, this week there is a bit of a bug with the prism modifier. Usually, a permanent icon will appear onscreen letting the player know when an enemy is using a certain element like Arc, Solar or Void. As of press time, this icon isn’t working as it’s supposed to. You’ll just have to call out and remember the active element.

The Inverted Spire Strike starts off with an 11 minute timer and like always, if the timer runs out, you will have failed. But, if you pass through the timewarp rings as you play through, 30 seconds will be added to the timer. So keep an eye out for those and don’t miss one. If you find you are being dogged by enemies which aren’t essential to the quest, don’t waste time dealing with them or the clock will run out.

These rings look entirely different than the Vex rings which you use to spawn into different parts of the map. This helps matters, as you will know a timewarp ring when you see it spawn at key milestones. Some will even appear in clusters which will add a rather large amount of time back on the clock.


The boss fight in the Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike with Modular Mind is much harder than normal and takes place in three stages. If you want a complete walkthrough of the Destiny 2 Inverted Spire Strike, we have you covered. But, we’ve posted a few short tips for the Nightfall version this week for you anyway.

In the first part, have at least one member of the Fireteam deal with the harpies so the other two can focus on the boss. This will keep the harpies busy while everyone else focuses on the boss, because once he has taken enough damage, he will leave the area and take his annoying friends with him.

Part two is basically the same except the group will need to take out Modular Mind’s adds as quick as possible. Again, once the boss takes enough much damage, he heads out of the area.

During the final fight, you will need to deal with more of the Vex version of harpies and goblins than usual. Looking at the play through video above, you’ll notice two members of the Fireteam taking on the adds while one focuses on the boss. If possible, when a break comes into play no matter how short, switch over to the boss before going back to fighting harpies and goblins.

Hopefully, bringing enemies down quickly enough along with the timewarp modifier will leave you with enough time to pick up Rat King if you haven’t already.


Because of the timewarp rings, adding time to the game will come in handy if you haven’t completed the Rat King quest. In order to add the Exotic to your arsenal, you will need to complete the Nightfall with five minutes left on the clock.

As you know if you’ve picked up the Rat King quest after completing Enemy of my Enemy, you know that the last step in the riddle is to finish a Nightfall with the timer having five minutes left.

If you go into the Nightfall with a higher power level, Rat King drops at a number relevant to that level. For instance, if you’re power level is 285, there’s a chance the sidearm will drop at level 290, 295 or maybe even 301. Rat King is worth the effort in our opinion, as it’s one of the best weapons in Destiny 2.

At any rate, this week’s Inverted Spire Nightfall Strike in Destiny 2 is a great opportunity to finish the Rat King quest line thanks to the timewarp modifier.

Especially if you missed out on grabbing the weapon during Week 1’s Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike.

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