The incredibly useful Destiny Item Manager tool now works with Destiny 2

By Sherif Saed, Thursday, 7 September 2017 13:07 GMT

Destiny Item Manager (DIM), the tool that allowed Destiny 1 players to easily manage their inventory and vault items without having to go to the Tower, has added support for Destiny 2.

There’s so much stuff to collect in Bungie’s latest (see our Destiny 2 guide for examples) and high-level players will be switching back and forth between gearsets in order to tackle the variety of challenges on offer.

The good news is that Destiny Inventory manager is back to help them do that. Destiny 2 support went live alongside the game, but it’s limited compared to what you can do in the original. This was more of a time constraint than anything, according to the tool’s creators.

Although some features are missing right now what you can do, however, is transfer items between your vault and the various characters. You can’t edit any character’s loadout directly, though, but the developers promised to gradually add this feature and others over time.


You may also run into some issues, though all you can do for now is refresh the page and hope for the best. You can try out DIM for yourself through here. The interface is optimised mobiles and tablets.

While the app may not seem like a necessity now, wait until you have dozens of good weapons and gear pieces across your main and alts.

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