Check out Billie’s ridiculous arsenal of attacks in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

By James O'Connor
5 September 2017 23:48 GMT

There’s a new Dishonored game out this month, and Arkane is keen for players to know about protagonist Billie Lurk’s abilities before it hits.

This new video shows creative director Harvey Smith talking through some of Billie’s powers, which she derives from ‘artifacts derived from the void’. Billie doesn’t carry the mark as Corvo and Emily did, and based on this video her powers seem, perhaps, more attuned to a high-chaos playthrough.

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Billie’s Void Strike ability lets her charge up and shoot a, uh, void at an enemy. It’s a cool looking effect, one that can “drive an enemy back and destroy them”, according to Smith. It looks like a powerful projectile attack.

Displace, as we’ve seen before, is Billie’s ‘Blink’ equivalent. This is a mobility power that allows Billie to put down a marker and then ‘snap’ to it any time, meaning she can, in Smith’s words, ‘exist in two places at once’, deciding which is the right one on the fly.

Billie can also summon a sword at will from her weird void-arm, which is cool. She can also listen to the whispers of rats, who we can only hope will share with her the recipe for a beautiful ratatouille.

Smith saves the best for last, showing off the game’s new ‘Hook Mine’ weapon. When you throw one of these down it operates like a magnet for bodies, and will pull anyone who passes into its range towards it, effectively decommissioning them. You can throw one high up on a wall and watch an enemy flail helplessly as they get pulled up there, for instance. It’s a non-lethal weapon, but if you want to be cruel you can place two of them slightly apart from one another and watch as an enemy is pulled in two directions before ripped apart. Ouch.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider releases on September 15 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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