Supers will charge faster in Destiny 2 than they did during the beta

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 31 July 2017 03:17 GMT

Destiny 2 won’t be as painfully light on space magic as the recent beta.

The Destiny 2 beta gave us all a chance to see how the new shooter is shaping up, and while we’re coming around to some of the changes, the long waits between supers were pretty hard to take. The good news is that Bungie got the message loud and clear on that one.

“In the wake of the beta, we’ve made a few changes that will increase super regeneration across the game,” game director Luke Smith told IGN.

Smith was answering a question about Destiny 2 beta feedback, and reiterated that Bungie had already tweaked some of the things players disliked about the Destiny 2 beta, such as low ammo drops and weak grenades, in more recent internal builds.

Knowing that hasn’t totally quashed worries about Destiny 2’s balance, especially as PvE players are worried they’ll be ignored in favour of a new focus on PvP. Smith commented on this matter, saying that while elements like outgoing weapon, ability and melee damage are balanced separately for the PvE and PvP sandboxes, Bungie is not aiming to make the two major elements of the shooter feel different

“In Destiny you build a character with a bunch of powers, abilities, and we hope, a combat rhythm that is consistent across the game,” he said.

In other words, wave goodbye to any fond thoughts you’ve been harbouring about having PvE play just like the original Destiny and the new weapons and armour systems only applying to PvP in Destiny 2. It was never going to happen. Stop making threads.

Elsewhere in the article, Smith confirmed the player character will be silent throughout Destiny 2, and project lead Mark Noseworthy said Bungie hopes to patch in HDR support sometime after release. There are another couple of bits and pieces of note too, so hit the source link above for the whole Q&A session.

Destiny 2 releases in early September for PS4 and Xbox One, with PC to follow in October. There’ll be a Destiny 2 PC beta in late August, if you fancy it.

Good news on supers there, isn’t it? It would have been painful trying to talk blueberries into chaining orbs on strikes, and playing solo would have been really grim without regular space magic. That said, we’re expecting Destiny 2 to eat our lives even if Bungie removes supers altogether, so…

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