Everything coming soon to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

By Sherif Saed, Monday, 31 July 2017 21:45 GMT

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ future is looking very bright, with big features in the pipeline.

Some of those are coming as early as this week with the monthly patch, while others are still early in the works.

We’ve covered everything developer Bluehole announced so far, but there are so many of them we thought we’d round them all up in one page for easy access. And to make things even more interesting, Arekkz made a video of the top nine things coming soon to PUBG.

Without further ado, here’s what you can look forward to in the game’s future patches:

The Mk14 EBR marksman rifle

This weapon is similar to the SKS, in that it’s a semi-automatic rifle. It also fires 7.62mm bullets, but unlike the SKS, it’s a crate-only weapon.

It’s also going to be more powerful than the SKS, but we’re not yet sure if that just means damage.

The new rolling animation

Earlier today, PlayerUnknown gave everyone a sneak peek at a new set of animations for what could be a new rolling feature. It’s also possible this is what the character will automatically do when going prone after running or going prone after strafing.

Regardless, it looks very cool and it wouldn’t be outside the norm for PUBG when you consider the game’s Arma roots.

Mantling, vaulting, and climbing animations

Right now, getting over obstacles, even as small as a picket fence, is a chore. If you’re not looking to go the long way around, you can always try your luck with jumping over them.

The result of these jumps are inconsistent, and depend a lot on your forward momentum. Soon, though, this will be a thing of the past when these new vaulting animations make it into the game. They were revealed a couple of times already, but it looks like implementing them is harder we imagined.

First-person servers and the FOV slider

This is one of the features with a set release date. This of course being this month’s patch, due out this week.

First-person servers do exactly as you imagine: locking your view to first-person only, and just removing the crosshairs. For this to work, the game needed to have an FOV slider, which is thankfully also out the same day.

At launch, first-person will be available in Solos and Duos, for North America and Europe. The rest of the world will get it afterwards.

New cosmetic items in crates

We’re finally getting new skins and clothing items to chase after in PUBG, but not everyone is happy. These will be part of a new crate-and-key system that’s rolling out with the monthly patch.

Three crates have been announced so far, and only one of which requires a key to open. A key costs $2.50, but the rest are completely free. If you’re not too fused about the cost, you’ll be happy to know that clothing sets are seemed around the Battle Royale movie, which the game is inspired by.

Further down the round, new character customisation items will be available, such as tattoos and face paints. The goal is to let players customise their characters “to a T.”

More options in custom games

Custom games offer a fresh set of rules that turn the game on its head. Custom severs can only be hosted by PUBG partners – typically streamers and big YouTubers, but anyone can join them depending in the game size.

The settings menu they have access to is still not that extensive, and it shows in game modes like zombies where friendly fire needd to be turned off for the zombies. This and many other options have been added to the custom server menu, but a lot of them do not work at the moment.


New maps and weather effects

There are currently two announced maps being worked on. The first is smaller than the current one, and is set in a desert town. The other one is of a similar size to the main map, and takes place in the Adriatic Sea and features snow mountains.

We’ve obviously only seen teaser images of one map, but it’s not likely we’ll be seeing any of them in the game anytime soon. PlayerUnknown previously said maps is the thing that takes the most development time.

A fully-featured 3D replay system

A replay system is one of the big features Bluehole is currently working on. This will manifest itself in two systems, one that tracks player movements during a match and gives you an idea of where you were in relation to other players.

The other is pretty big. A fully-fledged 3D replay system that allows you to rewatch the entire match from any perspective you want. This will be great in helping players identify their mistakes, but it’s also a good way to make videos.

Bluehole didn’t say when we should expect this to make it into the game, but it’ll likely take a while.

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