Echo is a sci-fi adventure title set in space where the enemy is you

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 27 July 2017 16:02 GMT

Echo is the debut game from a new indie studio made up of former Hitman developers.

The third-person sci-fi adventure Echo was developed by Ultra Ultra studio, and was greenlit on Steam in June 2016.

In the game, space traveler En has just come out of statis after spending a century in suspended slumber.

Her destination, a palace built by an ancient civilization eons ago. Using forgotten technology, En hopes to bring “back a life that should not have been lost.” The Palace, though, seems to be an entity all its own.

As she spends more time in The Palace, En starts to turn into “something unsettling,” as the place studies En and her actions. It will begin to use what it learns against her.

According to the developers, The Palace’s purpose is only to destroy, and it does this by using Echos created to resemble En. These Echos will change along with the player, and constantly evolve based on the player’s actions. They are, after all, copies of En.

Sneak, and the Echos become stealthier. Shoot, the Echos will start to shoot back.

When The Palace shuts down to update its copies of En, the player has a small to act without consequence. Once back online, though, the Echos will return.

Originally slated for a spring 2017 release, Echo will be made available for PC and PlayStation 4 on September 19.

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