Destiny 2 open beta: these GIFs show how weak the Gunslinger Hunter Super is in PvE compared to PvP

By Sherif Saed, Tuesday, 25 July 2017 12:14 GMT

Since the Destiny 2 beta went live last week, the most common complaint is about how weak grenades and supers have become in PvE.

Many fans pleaded with Bungie not to use PvP as a template for balancing PvE, because it has so far ended up ruining the power fantasy of the latter.

Which is why it’s a bit weird to see the super for the Hunter Gunslinger subclass be this soft in PvE compared to its might in PvP. Aren’t both supposed to be equally weak?

These two GIFs, from Reddit users GonzytheMage, and LastNightsRadio demonstrate this point perfectly. It’s particularly stunning that he doesn’t manage to kill a single target in PvE, always coming just a few blips of HP short.

Hopefully this will change come launch, because those of us who don’t care about Destiny’s PvP may have to avoid picking a Hunter in PvE.

Destiny 2 launches September 6 on PS4, and Xbox One. The PC version follows on October 24.

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