What today’s Destiny 2 PvP reveal means to you, the trigger-happy Guardian

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 11 July 2017 03:03 GMT

Destiny 2 is making big changes to competitive multiplayer. Let’s break down the new intel.

New Destiny 2 information dropped via IGN overnight and this batch is of most interest to PvP fans.

Arekkz has been over the new footage and information closely, and produced a summary report to explain what you need to know. Read on, or scroll down to watch the video for yourself.

For starters, the Warlock Voidwalker footage shows off how the Nova Bomb super has changed. It seems bigger, moves more slowly – and even seems to track targets slightly.

We also got to see the Voidwalker’s Blink move in action – previously, only Hunter Bladedancers had this ability, but the new Hunter subclass, Arcstrider, does not. It’s good to see it’s still around.

As for the Titan Sentinel footage, it shows off the Barrier ability common to all Titan subclasses, but more exciting is a good look at the Captain America-like super, which spawns a shield. You can either charge and bash, or throw it – and yes, it rebounds.

We also learned about changes to Control mode in Destiny 2. In the sequel, both teams start with one point captured, points no longer need to be neutralised before they can be captured, capturing is faster, and there’s no capture speed bonus for having multiple Guardians standing on the capture point.

The idea is that the game will be faster-paced with more engagements, and players can be more tactical than just roaming around in a pack grouping up on points. In line with that, matches will be a bit shorter at around 8 minutes, and there will be a Mercy rule. Scoring has been simplified, and as with Destiny 2’s Countdown mode, only the player who opens the power ammo box gets the goods. Oh, and as with all Destiny 2 PvP modes, player count has been reduced to 4v4 as opposed to Destiny’s 6v6.

Bungie only showed off Destiny 2′ Endless Vale map on Nessus and the Midtown map we’ve seen before during the reveal; they’ll both be available in the Destiny 2 beta next week.

Destiny 2 releases in September for PS4 and Xbox One, with the PC build to follow in October.

We’ll all get a proper look at Destiny 2 next week, but right now our expectations are firmly set to “hype”.

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