Until Dawn: how to get the best ending and keep everyone alive

By Matt Martin, Wednesday, 5 July 2017 14:30 GMT

Spoilers all over this post, obviously: here’s how to keep everyone alive in PS4 horror exclusive Until Dawn.


Until Dawn is a great little horror game for the PS4, inspired by slasher flicks and supernatural ghost stories. Now it’s one of the free titles in this month’s PS Plus service, we’d imagine a lot more people are going to discover what a great bundle of scares this is

As you play through the game you’ll come to realise it’s not easy to keep your group of feisty teenagers alive. In fact, it’s very hard and some thought it impossible due to the butterfly mechanic in the game. Once one person gets the chop, it has a knock-on effect with other characters. The next thing you know, you’re standing solo with blood all over the place…

Luckily for you, YouTuber PowerPyx has done all the hardwork, putting together a SPOILERTASTIC list of actions you need to take in order to keep the whole Scooby gang alive come 6am.

With a butterfly effect mechanic, decisions you make early on can have unforeseen – and often brutal – circumstances later in the game. Deaths seemingly occur out of your control no matter how cautious you’re being – which is part of the fun of the horror genre, I guess.

But if you really want to keep everyone alive, or are playing through the game for second time to see different endings and resolutions, follow those tips to keep everyone’s heart beating until dawn, and you’ll get the following “best” ending:

Throw PowerPyx and sub while you’re at it.

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