The Division gains new classified gear on its public test server

By Marshall Lemon, Saturday, 1 July 2017 15:46 GMT

Arekkz dives into The Division’s public test server to inspect the Striker Classified Gear Set.

The Division’s PTS 1.7 update ;arrived only yesterday, so players are still testing out the latest content. Of these, one of the more intriguing additions are Classified Gear Sets. While these sets will eventually drop during global events, they’re actually available to purchase in the PTS for testing – giving Arekkz a chance to check them out directly.

Classified Gear Sets are basically extensions of the existing gear system, adding 5 and 6 piece set bonuses to your loadouts. Arekkz’s latest video gives us a look at the Striker set, where the extra 5 set bonuses include +10% stability and +5% enemy armor damage. The real treat is the 6 set bonus: A talent granting a 0.10% bonus to your healing rate with each hit. This bonus increases by 0.001% for every 1000 stamina, and stacks up to a 100 hits.

If those numbers don’t make sense, as Arekkz notes this is basically The Division’s God Mode. As long as your Striker character is consistently hitting targets, your character will heal quickly – especially if your Striker has a high stamina level. While this bonus can be reset with an EMP grenade, odds are this is a feature Ubisoft will be tweaking in the future, especially in a PVP setting.

Arekkz will be releasing new videos on other Classified Gear Sets over the weekend. In the meantime, what do you think of the Striker bonuses?

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