GAME just increased its SNES Classic Mini deposit from £10 to £50

By Marshall Lemon, Tuesday, 27 June 2017 14:59 GMT

UK retailer GAME is now asking for £50 deposits for each SNES Classic preorder.


Nintendo can promise there will be more SNES Classics in stock than the NES Classic until Mario’s face goes blue. And yet with eBay scalper prices already spiking, it’s likely history will repeat itself once again. So it shouldn’t be any surprise that UK retailer GAME will attempt to nip this in the bud with a £50 deposit, for all the good it will do.

After initially offering a £10 deposit this morning, Eurogamer is now reporting that GAME has increased the price. “Supply is low,” the retailer justified on Twitter, “demand is high. And deters scalpers.”

GAME’s decision is unlikely to put a dent in the SNES Classic scalper market, since, Amazon, and Smyths are all currently out of stock. But forcing scalpers to pay more for each system might ensure casual customers can pick them up at a brick-and-mortar shop when the system ultimately launches.

Hopefully we’ll find out by year’s end.

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