Here’s half an hour of Splatoon 2’s campaign, featuring a unicycle-riding samurai octopus boss fight

By James O'Connor, Friday, 16 June 2017 01:42 GMT

Nintendo has given us an extended look at Splatoon 2‘s single player campaign.

We’ve known since May that the Splatoon 2 campaign would focus on you saving Callie of the Squid Sisters, with Marie acting as your guide through the campaign, but this is the best look we’ve had yet of how this will all play out.

It looks like you’ll be able to run through each level with different weapons after the first time you complete them now, which was only possible in the first game if you used the Splatoon amiibo. Weapons can be upgraded over time, and there are new environmental weapons to use – there are giant rollers in one level that you can hit towards your enemies. Stages will have different obstacles to overcome, and making use of your ink to travel vertically is still a big part of the game.

The video shows off the new ‘ride rails’ that feature in some levels, which let you grind while still firing off your ink gun. This looks super fun – Tony Hawk, eat your heart out.

The sessions ends with a fight against the ‘Octo Samurai’, a huge roller-equipped octopus samurai who, for some reason, rides around on a tiny unicycle. His roller powers up as the fight goes on, so you have to outmaneuver him with his own roller.

Based on the footage, Splatoon 2’s campaign looks like a smart extension of the first game’s single player offering. The game launches exclusively on Switch next month, on July 21.

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