Insomniac’s Spider-Man game web-slings into view

By James O'Connor, Tuesday, 13 June 2017 03:02 GMT

The new Spider-Man game from Insomniac has been revealed.

E3 2017 @ VG247

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As of right now, the game is simply called ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’. We’ve known about it for a year, but now we finally have some gameplay footage.

Spidey is shown at the beginning of the gameplay trailer in his cool new suit, exclusive to the game. The trailer shows a mix of cut-scenes and action sequences, starting with Spider-Man skulking around and taking enemies out one by one with his webs like a spidery-Sam Fisher. He uses the environment to his advantage, laying down trip-wire threads, pulling a crane into an enemy with his webs, and performing environmental takedowns. The combat system looks very Arkham Asylum once you start taking your enemies on more directly, except with webs.

Spider-Man beats up some goons, has a chat with Kingpin (these goons are encroaching on his territory, apparently), and heads into the open world of New York. He soon finds himself battling a super-powered bad dude in another building. It looks like some of his enemies in the game are capable of shooting power blasts from their hands, although it’s not revealed where these powers are coming from just yet.

Spider-Man is super flexible, able to run right up the sides of buildings with incredible speed and spring around like gravity has no hold on him. On the other hand, there are also quick-time events in this trailer. You can’t have everything.

The trailer moves on to with Spider-Man chasing after a helicopter as it tears through the city. It looks exciting, albeit fairly scripted. If this is representative of a standard mission in the game, it should provide a pretty varied experience.

And then, right at the end – Miles Morales! The ‘Ultimate’ universe Spider-Man! It’s possible that we’ll get two Spider-men for the price of one here.

All told, this looks like the most faithful Spider-Man game yet – even moreso than the brilliant Spider-Man 2 on the PS2 – although some more wise-cracks would be nice. The game is due in 2018, contrary to earlier reports.

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