Pokemon Go: The best Pokemon for battles ranked

By Alex Donaldson, Thursday, 18 May 2017 23:01 GMT

The strongest is precisely who you’d expect, but who else should you use in your team?


The best and most powerful Pokemon Go creatures, ranked

Pokemon Go’s fanbase is pretty damn dedicated. A huge and growing group of fans have been tearing the new mobile phenomenon Pokemon Go apart to figure out how it works. None has been more dedicated than the Reddit group Silph Road and the accompanying website – and perhaps their most significant discovery so far are the behind-the-scenes statistics that determine a Pokemon’s statistics.

If you need more tips for Pokemon Go including more information on how to catch and evolve a variety of the beasts, be sure to check out the rest of our Pokemon Go guides.

As we’ve previously reported behind the scenes of Pokemon Go each species of Pokemon comes with three key statistics driving its battle abilities: Attack, Defence and Stamina.

While the skills of an individual Pokemon might differ based on other factors such as their CP and other hidden values, these three attributes provide the base statistics for every Pokemon of its kind. Every Vaporeon will have the same Attack, Defence and Stamina. As will every Pidgey, Ratatta or Pikachu. This goes for Legendary Pokemon too like Mewtwo, Mew, Zapdos and so on.

You can find out a little more about these Attack, Defence and Stamina statistics over on their dedicated guide page.

Based on these statistics, and thanks to the amazing team at The Silph Road we can tell you the top Pokemon in each of the three statistics and max CP, plus the best overall when you take all of these stats into account. Since there’s currently no way to catch Legendary Pokemon we’ve left them out of this list, but we’ll update you and this page when how to catch legendary Pokemon becomes clear.

Below you’ll find the top 20 Pokemon species by max CP, then a top 20 based on each of the three key stats complete with Pokemon type. Finally, there’s an overall top 20 of the best in the game. Remember, if you’re looking to catch one, Pokemon type helps determine where they can be found and their utility in battle. You can find the full list beyond the top 20 on The Silph Road’s website.


Pokemon Go Rankings: Pokemon with the highest max CP

  1. Tyranitar [Rock / Dark]
  2. Dragonite [Dragon / Flying]
  3. Snorlax [Normal]
  4. Rhydon [Ground / Rock]
  5. Gyarados [Water / Flying]
  6. Blissey [Normal]
  7. Vaporeon [Water]
  8. Donphan [Ground]
  9. Espeon [Psychic]
  10. Heracross [Bug / Fighting]
  11. Exeggutor [Grass / Psychic]
  12. Golem [Rock / Ground]
  13. Flareon [Fire]
  14. Machamp [Fighting]
  15. Alakazam [Psychic]
  16. Arcanine [Fire]
  17. Scizor [Bug / Steel]
  18. Pinsir [Bug]
  19. Ursaring [Normal]
  20. Jolteon [Electric]


Pokemon Go Rankings: Pokemon with the best attacking stat

  1. Alakazam [Psychic]
  2. Dragonite [Dragon / Flying]
  3. Espeon [Psychic]
  4. Gengar [Ghost / Poison]
  5. Tyranitar [Rock / Dark]
  6. Flareon [Fire]
  7. Kingler [Water]
  8. Pinsir [Bug]
  9. Gyarados [Water / Flying]
  10. Scizor [Bug / Steel]
  11. Ursaring [Normal]
  12. Machamp [Fighting]
  13. Heracross [Bug / Fighting]
  14. Exeggutor [Grass / Psychic]
  15. Kadabra [Psychic]
  16. Jolteon [Electric]
  17. Arcanine [Fire]
  18. Hitmonlee [Fighting]
  19. Houndoom [Dark / Fire]
  20. Typhlosion [Fire]


Pokemon Go Rankings: Pokemon with the best defense stat

  1. Shuckle [Bug / Rock]
  2. Steelix [Steel / Ground]
  3. Cloyster [Water / Ice]
  4. Onix [Ground]
  5. Mantine [Water / Flying]
  6. Skamory [Steel / Flying]
  7. Umbreon [Dark]
  8. Forretress [Bug / Steel]
  9. Tentacruel [Water / Poison]
  10. Mr. Mime [Psychic / Fairy]
  11. Blissey [Normal]
  12. Golem [Rock / Ground]
  13. Omastar [Rock / Water]
  14. Weezing[Ground]
  15. Hypno [Psychic]
  16. Kingler [Water]
  17. Donphan [Ground]
  18. Tyranitar [Rock / Dark]
  19. Hitmonchan [Fighting]
  20. Hitmontop [Fighting]


Pokemon Go Rankings: Pokemon with the best stamina stat

  1. Blissey [Normal]
  2. Chansey [Normal]
  3. Wobuffet [Psychic]
  4. Snorlax [Normal]
  5. Wigglytuff [Normal / Fairy]
  6. Lapras [Water / Ice]
  7. Vaporeon [Water]
  8. Lanturn [Water / Electric]
  9. Jigglypuff [Normal / Fairy]
  10. Rhydon [Ground / Rock]
  11. Kangaskhan [Normal]
  12. Muk[Poison]
  13. Tyranitar [Rock / Dark]
  14. Dunsparce [Normal]
  15. Noctowl [Normal / Flying]
  16. Piloswine [Ice / Ground]
  17. Azumarill [Rock / Dark]
  18. Clefable [Fairy]
  19. Slowbro [Water / Psychic]
  20. Gyarados [Water / Flying]


Pokemon Go Rankings: Pokemon with the best overall stats

  1. Blissey [Normal]
  2. Snorlax [Normal]
  3. Tyranitar [Rock / Dark]
  4. Dragonite [Dragon / Flying]
  5. Rhydon [Ground / Rock]
  6. Vaporeon [Water]
  7. Gyarados [Water / Flying]
  8. Donphan [Ground]
  9. Golem [Rock / Ground]
  10. Lapras [Water / Ice]
  11. Steelix [Steel / Ground]
  12. Muk[Poison]
  13. Heracross [Bug / Fighting]
  14. Exeggutor [Grass / Psychic]
  15. Feraligatr [Water]
  16. Machamp [Fighting]
  17. Arcanine [Fire]
  18. Espeon [Psychic]
  19. Omastar [Rock / Water]
  20. Ampharos [Electric]

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