Fallout 4 mod is a landscaping tool you can use to make the Commonwealth more beautiful

By Sherif Saed, Thursday, 11 May 2017 13:00 GMT

Spread green all around in Fallout 4 with the landscaping gun.

Fallout 4‘s latest mod will bring a smile to the faces of landscaping enthusiasts everywhere who like to improve the look of their environments by carefully placing grass and flowers everywhere.

Simply called The Beautifier (via PCGamer), the mod is created by modder GenghisKhanX and basically turns the game’s shotgun into a landscaping tool. The Beautifier shotgun can be crafted at any chem station.

GenghisKhanX also released another mode very recently. In that mod, called Trash Collection, you can turn any pile of junk into materials by approaching it. On top of keeping the streets clean, the mod helps with scrapping, very useful for those constantly using the workstation to create new items.

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