For Honor character guide: get to know Shugoki, the powerful but slow Samurai disruptor tank

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 3 May 2017 00:15 GMT

For Honor offers a range of heroes. Which one is right for you? Don’t discount the big guy.

For Honor beginners should consider trying out Shugoki, a relatively easy hero classified as a disruptor tank (the best kind of tank, obviously).

Although Shugoki won’t help you against For Honor veterans and is weak against more agile foes, he’s powerful and straightforward, making him a good place to get started. His high health pool, powerful attacks and array of stunning or knock back moves make up for his slow speed.

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In the For Honor video above, Arekkz goes over each of Shugoki’s moves in detail. First up is his passive ability, Uninterruptible Stance, which prevent interruption from one attack before needing to recharge. This allows players to take a blow as they wind up a slow but heavy attack, but be wary – subsequent attacks will interrupt Shugoki, and also deal more damage. This ability recharges after a few seconds, but more slowly if Shugoki is blocking, taking damage or out of stamina.

Shugoki’s Charging Heavy Attack is slow and uses a lot of stamina, making it one of For Honor’s riskier moves, but it also does a lot of damage, is unblockable and has a lot of synergy with Shugoki’s passive. Hold down heavy attack in guard mode to perform this move.

Bash & Smash is a simple light attack, heavy attack combo but what makes it unique is Shugoki isn’t interrupted when his light attacks are blocked, making this one of the easiest combos to land in For Honor.

Bonecrusher is a really straight forward combo – just two heavy attacks. It does a lot of damage.

More interesting is Crashing Thunder. A great opener, especially when For Honor throws multiple enemies at you at once, it charges into enemies and ends with a wide-reaching swing. Simply sprint and press heavy attack while not in guard mode to perform this.

Charge of the Oni is an unblockable charge which knocks enemies down and back. You can use it to get through enemies and back to your allies, or cancel out of the charge to follow up with an attack on your downed target.

Demon’s Embrace is a real game changer: it usually deals damage while healing Shugoki, but if you’re in critical mode (that is, close to death), it’s a guaranteed kill even if your enemy is at full health. It can be tricky to land this grab as most For Honor players can read it easily, but you can cancel into it from a heavy attack, which can trick your foe.

Demon Bull is a heavy attack performed after a guard break, which sends enemies flying away. If they’re near a ledge or pit they’ll regret it, and you’ll gain some breathing room.

As well as knocking enemies back using the moves described above, Shugoki can Headbutt foes after light or heavy attacks, and this attack will briefly disorient enemies.

Finally, Shugoki’s zone attack, performed by pressing both light and heavy attacks, is a big double swing with huge reach. You can cancel out of it after the first swing, too.

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