Resident Evil 7 walkthrough part 15: shipwrecked, finding the bombs, open the blastdoor

By Alex Donaldson
2 May 2017 00:15 GMT


Resident Evil 7 Guide: Walkthrough #15 – Shipwrecked and vulnerable

Where we just left off you had to make an impossible choice. Or maybe it was easy, I dunno: how callous are you?! Whatever the case, you’re now on your way down the river in a boat.

Okay, so… I’m going to lift my foot off the gas as far detail goes. You should experience this section on your own. Don’t worry too much: It’s fairly straightforward. When you gain control, follow the path laid out in front of you and enjoy it – if enjoy is the right word.

Eventually you’ll end up in a room where a flashback plays out in front of you with two of the ship workers. After the flashback you can use the hatch in the floor to progress. Drop down into the vent, and when it forks hook a right – this is a dead end, but there’s an antique coin to be had.

Very shortly after your trip through the vents you’ll pass a dead body and drop into a room that’s watery. There’s a short ladder out of the water, and that’s where you need to go next – but first search along the left hand wall of the room, to the left of the ladder. You’ll find another antique coin there.

You’ll see somebody escape through a door, and then you’ll be sealed in a doorway. The figure you’re chasing seals the door behind them. This is WRECKED SHIP 1F. First off: consult your map. You’ll see that door is your way out.

To the left of the door you need to open is a door activation panel thing, and you need a fuse for that. Here’s what to do:

  • The hallways are a square shape. The stairs you came up spit you out into the middle of the hall at the bottom.
  • There are two rooms flanking the stairs. To make it quick, the fuse can be found in the room to the left of the stairs (when facing the stairs), but inside the room an enemy will spawn, so beware.
  • You can find a gun in the room at the top right of the square hallway. It’s in a drawer.
  • The other side rooms have a few items such as herbs, ammo, psychostimulants and smashable boxes.

I actually grabbed the gun and the ammo that’s around, given that your inventory is currently empty, but I simply ran from the enemies. I ran, grabbed the fuse, and as the enemy lumbered after me ducked into side rooms to lose it.

When it’s safe, return the fuse to the fuse box. This’ll let you into the door and let you continue on.

Follow the path, and pick up the tape and slam it into the VHS player. It’s time for some explanations.

resident evil 7 (14)


VHS Tape: The truth revealed

Once the tape starts, search all the nearby rooms. Once again, this tape is important and straightforward, so I’m going to keep stuff vague.

Here’s what you really need to know:

  • In the room you start there’s a story letter and some machine gun ammo.
  • Head straight down the hallway you come out into and to the door at the end. In that room there’s the Supplements on one table and a herb on another.
  • Head out of that room’s second exit and down the hall. As the hall curves around, look for some wooden palettes sitting against the wall – a chem pack is hiding under them.
  • Continue down the hall. On your right there’ll soon be double doors. Head through. On the left as you enter that room are some machine gun bullets. On a cabinet on the right side of the room are some more supplements. Sitting on one of the chairs at the table is a chem pack.
  • Enter the door on the right hand side of the room. In that room there’s some nasty zombie goo and some machine gun ammo on a couch.
  • Back in the previous room, the last place you want to head is through the vent style gap you can crouch through to get into the furthest end of the central room.

There’ll be some chatter about vomiting. Either before or after the conversation that happens when you hit X, grab a herb from the sink next to this, er… vomit. Lovely.

Now you’ll need to head back to the elevator near the starting room. Beware: There are now enemies about. You might have a big gun but the same rules apply: plant your feet, take your shots carefully. Whichever way you go the game will be sure to put a few enemies in front of you, and this area is so small and the enemies here so aggressive that running isn’t really an option.

Once into the elevator, all floors are blocked except one. Well then… Head down, and keep on moving. Downstairs you’ll go through some corridors. As you reach a door, don’t miss the machine gun ammo atop some wooden palettes and a herb on top of some boxes to the left of that.

Through the door there’s another hallway. At the very end of this hallway there are two Remote Bombs, a new weapon. Grab ’em. There’s an achievement/trophy for killing an enemy by sticking a smart bomb to them and then detonating it, by the way – you might want to try that.

This is all fairly linear, like most tapes. Head through the next set of double doors. A molded spawns in here but has quite a way to walk to reach you – use that to pick it off; there’s some machine gun ammo on your left as you enter. Up the stairs and through the doors, again.

There’s a door on your right in the next hallway, but ignore it and head straight. There’s another door on the left here. Inside this room, break the box for some chem fluid and open the blue gate thing to get 3x Corrosive. Corrosive is a new item and is used to burn metal locks.

Head through the door right near to where you grabbed the corrosive by corroding it open. Stuff starts to kick off now. Yowzers.

You’ll be forced to go back the way you came. There’ll be several enemies, including a few times where more than one spawn near you at once. Use the smart bombs wisely! On the way back to the elevator you’ll also pass a side-room with double doors that you couldn’t open earlier. If you use corrosive on that door you’ll find the following inside:

  • Machine gun ammo
  • A herb
  • 2x remote bomb
  • Corrosive, leveling you out from what you used to open the door.
  • Chem Fluid sandwiched between two wooden boxes

When you get back upstairs, you’ll notice that blast doors have for some reason dropped (maybe because you’re letting bombs off?), forcing you to take the long way around. In the bunk rooms on the way you’ll find a wall-mounted lockbox with 2 smart bombs – corrode it open. There’s also one of these on the right at the top of the hallway after exiting the bunk rooms.

Your path around the blast doors is simple: head into the crew quarters style area adjacent to the ‘vomiting room’. In the room to the right of that there’s a hole in the right-hand wall you can clamber through, thus bypassing the blast doors. There are enemies around here, and you have a choice about if you want to engage them directly or just try to dash past them – that’s up to you.

Once you get through, head upstairs. This should all be looking mighty familiar now… head through the only available doors and enjoy the revelations at the end of this tape.

In part 16, the tape is over… and it’s time for us to get serious back on the ship. Things are really barreling along now!

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