Resident Evil 7 walkthrough part 14: final boss fight and the good and bad endings

By Alex Donaldson
2 May 2017 00:14 GMT

A difficult battle and an impossible choice await. Prepare for the end game.

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Resident Evil 7 Guide: Walkthrough #14 – final boss fight and the good and bad endings

Where we left off in the last part, you should be in a save room after going through a little SAW-style set of deadly challenges built by Lucas. Exit that save room and you’ll be outside and in an entirely new area – a part of the Baker estate that backs onto the river.

On your immediate right are some shotgun shells – don’t miss them. On the right of the area you exit into there’s also some pistol ammo.

You’ll notice there’s a big wheel in front of you similar to those you encountered in the Old House. That’s right – go grab the crank item from your crate inventory and use it just as you did back in the bug infested house. Keep it on you because you’re going to need it later.

As you cross the piers, take a detour to the right, then right again. In the small building here you’ll find:

  • Chem Fluid
  • A crate on the left that when smashed contains pistol ammo
  • A crate on the right that when smashed contains yet more pistol ammo
  • A crate on the jetty straight on from this building that ALSO contains pistol ammo. Gee… it’s almost as if there’s a fight coming up

In the same place as that last crate is another crank you need to use. Be aware: once you use this, enemies are going to spawn in a big way. Be ready to fight or to make a dash for it.

If you’re fighting, the old rules apply: conserve ammo, place your shots, and plant your feet. Aim to take down the fast-moving crawling molded first. If you’re running, you want to run back the way you came then to the right, across the bridge you just raised. Be aware that as you approach your destination enemies will spawn in front of you, so be prepared to run around them.

If you fight you’ll be cool, and if you run be aware that as soon as you reach the door you need to get your ass through it and slam it behind you – then you’ll be safe. We actually recommend running here as you won’t really gain anything from fighting.

This is another save room. In here:

  • Psychostimulants near the save point
  • A herb on a chair near the stairs
  • Shotgun shells also near the stairs
  • Burner fuel in a breakable box in the corner
  • 3(!) flame rounds for your grenade launcher on a table. Something big is coming, isn’t it?

Save, swap out gear you need, and prepare yourself. Grab the two serum ingredients from your storage now – you’ll be sent back for them if you arrive without them.

Enjoy the story sequence. Take the vials.

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Boss Fight: Family Finale – beating Jack’s giant mutated form

So… this is very old-school Resident Evil all of a sudden. An absolutely enormous, animal-like mutation screaming at you. This boss is threatening looking but is actually remarkably simple: you just need to use the knowledge you’ve built up over the course of the game so far.

That means the following: Be ready to block attacks with L1 at all times. Blocking is surprisingly effective despite its size. This is also a pretty typical video game boss fight: there are obvious weak points, the multiple eyes that have sprouted all over the enemy’s body. They’re bright in colour and easy to spot, so hit them!

Use the two-floored structure of the fight area to your advantage. To get a bead on harder-to-hit weak points I found a great technique was to clamber upstairs on the ladder, wait for him to follow you and then drop back down to shoot up at him as he climbs back down to meet you. If you’re fast enough, you’ll make him topple and land on his back, leaving him more vulnerable for a little longer.

When the place gets smashed up (more than initially…!), you’ll have a lot less room to move around, so… don’t. Instead, be prepared to block in between hits and attack the one remaining eye, because there’s nowhere to run to actually dodge. Mitigate damage by blocking.

After the battle is over, you’ll have a difficult choice to make.


Resident Evil 7’s ending-changing choice: Mia or Zoe? Who to choose to get the best ending

Resident Evil 7 contains a major choice. This choice has ramifications for the entire final act of the game, changing outright what happens in some scenes and simply significantly changing the meaning of others. So, who should you cure? Mia or Zoe?

Your choice will impact which of the game’s endings you get, as well as some other scenes. In real terms and remaining spoiler-vague, here is what happens:

What happens if you cure Zoe?

If you cure Zoe you will leave Mia behind but encounter her again later on. She will have succumbed to her infection and you will be forced to fight her. While Capcom doesn’t name the endings, this ultimately leads to what we’d say is the ‘Bad Ending’. Zoe has been helping you all game, though, so it’s understandable why you might help her…

What happens if you cure Mia?

If you cure Mia the combat encounter against her simply won’t take place, and is replaced by a different story sequence of sorts. Again, while Capcom doesn’t name the endings specifically, we think this leads to what we’d define as the ‘Good Ending’, the more desirable of the two.

There are trophies for both endings, so you’ll probably want to see it both ways.

Next up, the game changes in a big way. Do what you’ve got to do. Make your choice.

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