Destiny: Age of Triumph – all hidden Ghost locations for the Grimoire hunters out there

By Stephany Nunneley
29 March 2017 17:43 GMT

Destiny’s final live update, Age of Triumph, released yesterday and if you want to know the locations of hidden Ghosts in the game, we’re here to help.

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In the video above, Arekkz provides a guide on all the new hidden Ghost locations in Age of Triumph. There are ten in total if you play Destiny on PlayStation 4 and nine if you play on Xbox One.

It’s also worth noting eight of the Ghosts are located on PvP maps. The easiest way to find Ghosts on these maps is to select Control Game Mode, as the flag points are used in the video to direct you around the maps.

We’ve posted the locations below.

  • Crota’s End: From the start, walk down to the where you would normally summon the bridge. Make a left, jump over the first two barriers and when you reach the third turn right an look at the pit. Carefully walk down to the end and you will find a Ghost.
  • The Tower: This is the easiest Ghost to acquire. Walk to the tree outside the Gunsmith, jump up the tree, and look at the center where three limbs diverge from the trunk. The Ghost sits in the fork of the middle limb.
  • Twilight Gap Map: The Lord Shaxx 2 Ghost can be found by working your way from the Alpha spawn to control point A. Pass this control point, turn left at the “4”, turn right toward “5”, make another right and in the second room in the hallway, blow up the grey crate in the center and there’s Lord Shaxx Ghost 2.
  • Frontier Map: Starting from the spawn point, work your way toward the “C” flag. Instead of going straight to the flag, turn right toward the edge of the map and there is a small boulder alongside the lake almost directly across from the little island with trees. Look over the cliff face of said boulder, and there on the bank of the lake inside the scrub is the fifth Ghost. Jump down and grab it.
  • Cauldron Map: This Ghost is pretty much outside the spawn point. Work your way toward the “C” flag which is at the end of the Hive tunnel; however, instead of making your way through, stop when you enter the tunnel and in the second, hollowed out vertebra looking thing, you will see your next Ghost. If you count all the “vertebra”, it looks to be the sixth one.
  • Anomaly Map: The Ghost is super easy to get to. Work your way to the middle of the map, in any direction. When you reach the large spinning obelisk in the center, jump onto its platform and look underneath the obelisk. On the platform next to the flat surface below it, you will find the Ghost.
  • Exodus Blue Map: Run straight to the Alpha flag point, turn right just before you get there, and in the rusted out car between the two skeletons sits the next Ghost.
  • The Drifter Map: Again, work your way toward the Alpha flag point, and just before you get to it you will see a platform sticking out from the side. Go up the first set of stairs, look to your left and you will see the Ghost floating in mid-air above a platform. Jump on it and grab the Ghost.
  • The Dungeons Map: If you are an Xbox One player, this will be your last Ghost. Make your way left past point “A” and head toward the hall tunnel to the center of the map. There, you will see the hanging crystal in the central chamber. The Ghost is close to the very top of the crystal, so you will need to jump in the air and grab it before you land. Like the Anomaly Map, it doesn’t matter which direction you take to the center of the map, but going left seems to be the quickest route going by the video alone.
  • Sector 618 Map (PS4 exclusive): Those familiar with this map will recognize the screenshots in the video. There is a large return air fan in the wall right before a tunnel on the right. In the net above what looks to be an old, red generator of sorts to the right of the fan is your Ghost.

And that’s it. There’s all the Ghost locations in Age of Triumph.

If you missed the patch notes for Destiny’s 2.6.0 update from yesterday, you can have a look at those here.


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