Overwatch Valentine’s Day lines seem to confirm Genji x Mercy ship, but don’t forget Blizzard said there would not be an event

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 9 January 2017 22:12 GMT

Overwatch has a few new voice lines which seem suspiciously romantic.


Overwatch PTR data miners have turned up new voice lines on Blizzard’s test server.

Redditor akhanubis (via Destructoid) shared a few of these lines on the Overwatch subreddit, notably a set that seems to confirm Mercy and Genji have a slightly more special relationship than doctor and patient. Here’s Mercy to Genji:

Not enough to sink your favourite Overwatch ship, the SS Phamercy? Here’s Genji’s response:

Hmm! It’s slim, but so are most of the clues Blizzard gives us regarding Overwatch’s characters and backstory. But remember that letter in the Overwatch Christmas comic? I’m starting to think this one is canon. It’s a pretty popular pairing outside Phamercy circles.

Back to game news: this discussion of chocolate in Overwatch voice lines so close to February 14 has led to some excited speculation that a Valentine’s Day event in Overwatch, but it’s pretty unlikely. Back in December, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan told Battle.net forum goers Blizzard is not planning either Valentine’s Day or Easter events.

There is a lot on the Overwatch 2017 roadmap, though, and we’re already seeing some of what Blizzard promised in December turning up on the PTR now. Should be a busy year for the bestselling shooter.

The data mine also turned up two other new Genji lines, including another one about chocolate, and several random lines from other Overwatch heroes which may not be new. The linked thread also rounds up the New Year’s resolution lines, if you haven’t heard them all in-game.

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