Best Black Friday 2016 TV deals

By Staff, Friday, 25 November 2016 16:00 GMT

Upgrade your living room TV, get a new one for the games room, or bag a slick little screen for the bedroom. Treat yourself. Spend to save.


It’s probably time you upgraded your TV, right? Get a nice big one for a night in at the movies, a sweet little number for Netflix in the bedroom, or just a better screen for your excessive hours of gaming. We’ve got you covered with all the best Black Friday 2016 deals below. This list will be updated throughout the sales period, so keep checking back if you’re in the market for a new screen this year.

As a reminder, Black Friday takes place this year November 25 2016, but retailers will be offering deals in the week during and on to the following Monday, November 28.

Here you’ll find the best Black Friday TV deals updated throughout the buying season. We’ll scour the biggest stores for the cheapest deals, whether that’s cutting the prices on high-end sets or grabbing an absolute can’t-leave-it-for-that-price bargain.

Best Black Friday 2016 TV deals

We’ll list all the best Black Friday TV deals we can find right here, and update the page throughout the buying bonanza. Although there are four main TV manufacturers to consider, never dismiss the smaller brands.

In the meantime, we recommend keeping an eye on these retailers to asee what TV deals they currently have on offer.


Amazon has decent selection of 40-inch to 60-inch LED’s on offer:

Best Buy, Newegg, Target and Walmart also have some Black Friday specials:


How to buy the best TV

What exactly are you buying and what does all the jargon you see surrounding new TVs actually mean? Let’s break it down.

  • HD Ready: These TVs can handle HD TV broadcasts and are cheaper than Full HD sets.
  • Full HD: With these you can watch HD TV shows and also the best way to view Blu-ray movies.
  • 4K or Ultra HD (UHD): 4K TVs have four times the resolution of Full HD screen, so will display more vibrant, clearer pictures. 4K TV is likely to become standard in the coming years and so is your best option if you want to “future proof” your purchase. Remember the new PlayStation Neo and Xbox One Scorpio are being built with 4K resolution in mind.
  • Curved screen: It’s highly debatable that curved screen TVs are “better”. The idea is it “wraps” what you’re viewing around you, so you’ll need to sit bang in the middle to see this marginal difference. We don’t think a curved screen should be a major factor in buying a new TV.

What size TV should I buy?

The size of your TV screen depends on your own personal preference, but there’s no point paying for a massive screen if you’re only 1.5 meters away from it. Here’s a rough guide to screen size and the distance you should be at for optimum viewing.

  • 1.2m – 1.8m (4ft – 6ft) – 17-27 inch TV
  • 1.8m – 2.8m (6ft – 9ft) – 27-40 inch TV
  • 2.8m – 3.5m (9ft – 11ft) – 40-47 inch TV
  • 3.5m – 4.3m (11ft – 14ft) – 47-56 inch TV
  • 4.3m and more (14ft) – 56 inch TV and higher


Which is the best TV brand?

Samsung and LG are the two biggest manufacturers and offer plenty of variety in screen size, features and price. Sony and Panasonic are also big names to consider, but also keep an eye out for Toshiba, Sharp and Philips. Be careful of own-brand TVs from some of the bigger supermarkets. The have low prices but quality isn’t great compared to the bigger names.

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