Pokemon Sun & Moon Walkthrough Part 4: Route 2, Hau’oli Cemetery, Verdant Cavern and your first trial

By Alex Donaldson, Wednesday, 23 November 2016 17:17 GMT

Tackle your very first trial like a pro.


So – you’ve had your first brush with the idiotic grunts that make up the foot soldiers of Team Skull and beaten Captain Ilima in a fair-and-square Pokemon Battle. It’s time to move on – head to the shops in Hau’oli City and stock up anything you might need for an extended little journey.

Next up is Route 2 – but alongside that route there’s a little detour to a cemetery…

This walkthrough is going to keep things simple. We’re not going to write out detailed strings of endless prose telling you where to walk and what to press point-to-point. Instead we’re going to streamline things down: we’ll talk instead about each area of Pokemon Sun & Moon you’ll encounter, listing off the Pokemon that can be caught there, items that can be found there and so on.

Route 2 & Hau’oli Cemetery: Road to your first trial

Route 2 climbs up the west side of Melemele Island and wraps right around. It mostly leads to Route 3 (duh) and Verdant Cavern, but it also has a little dead-end offshoot that leads to Hau’oli Cemetery – a small location that nonetheless has some useful items, Pokemon and even a few trainer encounters.

We’ll cover both areas here, since they’re closely intertwined. Here goes!

Route 2: Wild Pokemon Encounters

  • Abra
  • Alolan Meowth
  • Alolan Rattata (Night only)
  • Cutiefly
  • Growlithe
  • Makuhita (Rustling Grass)
  • Smeargle
  • Spearow
  • Yungooz (Day only)

Route 2: Pokemon Trade (Spearow for Machop)

Inside the Pokemon Center on Route 2 is a Lass character who wants a Spearow. If you trade her this easy-to-catch Pokemon she’ll give you a Machop in return. This is the earliest available opportunity to get a fighting-type Pokemon on your team, and so is pretty useful. If you don’t want to bother with this, you’ll be able to catch a Machop from the end of this island onwards.

Hau’oli Cemetery: Wild Pokemon Encounters

  • Drifloon (Day only)
  • Gastly
  • Misdreavus (Night only)
  • Zubat

Route 2: Notable items to find

  • Star Piece (Tauros Ride required)
  • Heal Ball, Super Potion x2, Big Mushroom, Silver Powder, Revive
  • Nest Ball x2 (Talk to man in hotel room)
  • Sitrus Berry (Chat to the Berry farmer & show him a Persim Berry)
  • Revive (Chat to the Delibird inside the farmer’s house)
  • 3000 Pokedollars (Show the sightseer in the Pokemon Center a Cutiefly.

Hau’oli Cemetery: Notable items to find

  • Super Potion, Big Mushroom, Paralyse Heal
  • TM100 – Confide (At the furthest right edge of the Cemetery)

Route 2: Pokemon Trainer Battles

  • Beauty Krystal: Gastly (Level 9)
  • Preschooler Kaleb: Spearow (Level 8)
  • Backpacker Ashley: Cottonee (Level 10)
  • Pokemon Breeder Jay: Butterfree (Level 10)
  • Lass Isabella: Misdreavus (Level 9)

Hau’oli Cemetery: Pokemon Trainer Battles

  • Pokemon Breeder Ikue: Pikachu (Level 9)
  • Office Worker Jeremy: Alolan Diglett (Level 9)
  • Gentleman Stanley: Makuhita (Level 9)

You’ll have to meet Hau in the Pokemon Center on Route 2, and then you’re off into Verdant Cavern for your first trial!


Verdant Cavern: Captain Ilima’s Trial

Once you’re done on Route 2 and in the optional Hau’oli Cemetery area it’s time to head into the Verdant Cavern. Here you’ll tackle Captain Ilima’s trial: you may have already bested Ilima in trial, but now he wants to challenge you in an entirely different way!

Verdant Cavern: Wild Pokemon Encounters

  • Alolan Diglett
  • Alolan Zubat

Route 2: Notable items to find

  • Super Potion, X Defense, Super Potion
  • TM31 – Brick Break (Near the exit after jumping down ledges)
  • TM46 – Thief (Use Tauros Charge on the rocks in the Totem Pokemon area

How to beat Captain Ilima’s Trial, KO the Totem Pokemon and get Normalium Z

There’s some key stuff you need to know before you start the trial. Here’s the cliff notes:

  • You can’t quit once you start the trial, so save before entering.
  • You also can’t catch wild Pokemon during trials, so don’t waste your time. You can return to catch Pokemon once the trial is complete.
  • This time, you need to defeat the three specific Pokemon hiding throughout the cavern.
    • In Pokemon Sun, you’ll face three Yungoos – weak to Fighting-type. (Did you trade for that Machop earlier?)
    • In Pokemon Moon you’ll face three Alolan Rattata – weak to Fighting, Bug and Fairy-type Pokemon.
  • Once you’ve tracked down and defeated two of the three Pokemon (this is very simple, you don’t need us to tell you how to track them – you’ll have to fight Team Skull.
    • Team Skull’s latest Grunt comes packing a level 11 Drowzee. It’s weak to Bug, Ghost and Dark Pokemon – and you had a shot at catching a fair few Bug and Ghost types by now. Smash it.


  • After you’ve taken out Team Skull defeat the last Pokemon of the three. Now head deeper into the cave.
  • At the end of this mini-dungeon you’ll encounter the Totem Pokemon! This is a big boss battle with awesome music.
    • In Pokemon Sun you’ll face off against the Totem Pokemon Gumshoos. It’s level 12 and is weak to fighting type. It will call in level 10 Yungoos’ to back it up, so be careful. If your speed is reduced by its Scary Face move, consider using an item like an X Speed to boost your speed again.
    • In Pokemon Moon you’ll fight the Totem Pokemon Alolan Raticate. It’s weak to Fighting, Bug and Fairy-type moves. It’ll also call in Alolan Rattata to help. This one also tries reducing your speed, so remember to counter that.

Once you’ve defeated the Totem Pokemon you’ll get the Normalium Z-Crystal and 10 Great Balls as a reward. Trial complete! Next stop: Route 3!

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