Pokemon Sun and Moon: how to easily farm Shiny Pokemon

By Stephany Nunneley
22 November 2016 20:58 GMT

Those looking to acquire a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon might want to give this video a watch.

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As always, if you need help with Pokemon Sun and Moon, be sure and give our guide a look.

You should know from the start it will take a bit of time and patience to acquire the color variants, but the process itself is rather easy.

So, without further ado, check out the short breakdown below. For full details, be sure to give Arekkz’s video a watch above.

How to Easily Farm Shiny Pokemon in Sun and Moon

Pick up the Adrenaline Orb

This is acquired on the second island when you have completed Mallow’s trial in the Lush Jungle. The orb can be purchased from Pokemon Centers. What the orb does make it more likely for monsters to call upon others when in battle.

Make sure you have a Pokemon with the False Swipe or Hold Back move

You should already have the False Swipe move if you’ve beaten the first island. If not, the mystery gift Munchlax has the Hold Back move which will work. What it does, instead of killing the Pokemon it drops it down to one HP. This makes the Pokemon you are trying to catch call for help.

Decide which Shiny Pokemon you want

Find the one you want in a random encounter and start a battle with it. Use False Swipe or Hold Back to get the Pokemon’s HP down to as low as possible, and then use your Adrenaline Orb so the Pokemon will call for help. Once you have done this, you are ready to begin. Once the Pokemon calls for help, the one who assists it will have one of three things: 1 – better individual values; 2 -having a hidden ability; 3- being Shiny.

Start Farming

Once the helper Pokemon appears, you will need to defeat it. The original Pokemon will then call for help, and you will repeat this over and over until the Pokemon which is called in is Shiny. Be sure to keep track of your turns because you don’t want the original Pokemon to run out of moves. Keep and eye on its stats, and if needed, defeat that Pokemon while its helper is still alive. This won’t reset the Call for Help as the new Pokemon will use the feature when down to one HP like the previous one. So, every 20-30 turns, be sure to defeat the Pokemon with the lowest health while the new Pokemon is there – otherwise your chain is broken and you have to start all over again making this a colossal waste of time. If for some reason the Pokemon doesn’t call for help in time, waste a couple of turns, switch out Pokemon, or use items with no effects.

Catcing your Shiny Pokemon

Once the Shiny Pokemon finally appears, drop its health down to as low as possible, kill the help as you can’t catch one when there are two in the field. Throw your Poke Ball. Now you have a Shiny Pokemon.

Again, this can be very time consuming, but it is the easiest way to farm for a Shiny Pokemon.

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