Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex round-up: names, descriptions, leaks and more

By Alex Donaldson
14 November 2016 11:01 GMT

Catch all these newcomers.

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Back to Pokemon Sun and Moon – Everything you need to know

The Pokemon Company is hard at work on Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, the latest additions to the much-loved series, which launches later this year. Since announcing it earlier in the year, we’ve been getting regular news updates about the game. One of the biggest changes to any Pokemon game are the new additions to its cast – and lots of fans are eagerly awaiting more information on the new monsters they’ll be adding to their Pokedex in November.

Have no fear – we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find every new Pokemon announced or leaked for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and we’ll keep updating this page as new ones are revealed.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are arriving on Nintendo 3DS on November 18 2016. Pre-orders are available now for both the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon versions.

When the Pokemon Sun & Moon Demo was released there was a major slip-up on the part of the Pokemon Company, as the demo contains files that reveal basically all of the Pokemon in the game. If you want to read those spoilers, we’ve got you covered.

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Starter Pokemon

The Pokemon Sun and Moon starters fit into the same three categories as every other in what has now become tradition. All three were announced back in May. Here’s the three you’ll be picking from:


Type: Grass / Flying

Rowlet is one of the new Starter Pokemon in the Alola region, filling the grass-type starter slot. Rowlet is, as might be obvious, a little like an owl. As it stands right now we know Rowlet’s ability is Overgrow, shared with classic Grass starter Bulbasaur. Overgrow gives Grass-type moves double the power when Rowlet’s HP is below 1/3rd its maximum.


Type: Fire

Litten is another of the new Starter Pokemon in the Alola region of the world of Pokemon, and is your fire starter for Sun and Moon. Litten resembles a kitten and is classified as a ‘Fire Cat Pokemon’. Litten’s ability is Blaze, which powers up Fire-type moves by 50% when Litten’s HP is under 1/3rd of its maximum. Litten will also have access to Ember from the moment you pick him, if you do.


Type: Water

Popplio is a officially classified as a ‘Sea Lion Pokemon’, and comes packing the ability Torrent. Torrent is similar to the other starter abilities in that it boosts the strength of Water-type Pokemon moves when this Pokemon’s HP drops below 1/3rd of its maximum. Popplio will know the move Water Gun from the moment it joins you if you choose it.

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Legendary Pokemon

As ever, the legendary Pokemon of the Alola region will be shown on the box of the game when you pick it up. The pair were first detailed by The Pokemon Company and Nintendo in early June. Here’s a little about them:

pokemon_sun_and_moon (1)
Solgaleo (Pokemon Sun Legendary)

Type: Psychic / Steel

Solgaleo looks like what you’d get if you crossed a lion with the sun, and appropriately is the Pokemon that can be seen on the box art for Pokemon Sun. In the world of Pokemon Sun and Moon it’s known as “the beast that devours the sun,” and its body shines brightly in some circumstances.

Its ability is new for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and is known as Full Metal Body. Full Metal Body means that the Pokemon’s stats will not be lowered or impacted by an opponent’s moves or abilities, a powerful boost.

pokemon_sun_and_moon (6)

Type: Psychic / Ghost

Lunala looks a little like a gigantic bat whosw wings and legs resemble the shape and color of the moon when outstretched. In the world of Pokemon Sun and Moon, it is said to be “the beast that calls the moon,” and is said to be sent from it. It appears on the box art of Pokemon Moon.

Its ability is Shadow Shield, another all-new ability for Pokemon Sun and Moon. This ability ensures that whenever this Pokemon has full HP any attack landed deals less damage to it, making Lunala more deadly and durable in battle right out of the gate.

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Mythical Pokemon

Mythical Pokemon are often even more difficult to obtain than legendary Pokemon and one of these new additions, Magenara, plays a major part in the latest Pokemon movie. Learn more about them below…


Type: Steel / Fairy

Magearna is a strange-looking Pokemon, resembling a doll in a sense – though that’s explained in its type, which is an Artificial Pokemon. Magearna is man-made and despite an almost robotic appearance was made some 500 years ago. It’s not clear how players will be able to obtain Magena at this time. Its ability is Soul Heart, and is new for Pokemon Sun and Moon. This ability raises the special attack when a Pokemon is knocked out.

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Standard Pokemon

These Pokemon will be found out in the world in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and are just waiting for your Pokeball in order to become part of your team. Get an idea about who you might want to choose with the first information on them below.


Type: Rock

Officially classified as a Puppy Pokemon, Rockruff is exactly what you think he is – he’s a dog-style Pokemon, but one that finally falls into the rock type category. Rockruff are described as friendly, but become tougher as they grow up. The Pokemon description also confirms they’ll have an evolution. Rockruff comes with either the Keen Eye (Prevents accuracy loss) or Vital Spirit (Prevents Sleeping) ability.


Type: Rock (?)

Rugarugan is the evolved form of Rockruff. Depending on the version of the game used, Rockruff will evolve into one of two new forms of Rugarugan: The Midday form in Pokemon Sun and the Midnight form in Pokemon Moon. It’s currently unclear how different these two forms will be.


Type: Normal

Komala seems like a great partner for the old classic Snorlax, in that supposedly nobody has ever seen it fully awake. It represents a koala bear, of course, and can always be found holding on to a log that it uses as its pillow. It comes with a new ability, Comatose, which outright prevents it from being affected by any status effect other than Sleep.


Type: Normal

When Yungoos was announced some people joking compared its yellow-topped, frowning look to Donald Trump, but it actually most closely resembles a Mongoose. It can come with one of two abilities, one new, one old – Stakeout is new, and lets that Pokemon deal double the damage if the opponent just switched Pokemon. Strong Jaw is the returning ability, and increases the power of bite-based moves by half.


Type: Normal

Gumshoos looks a little like a mongoose, and some say also bears a striking resemblance to a major US political figure. The Gumshoos hunts by learnign where its prey travels and then lays in wait for them. At night this Pokemon sleeps standing up. It can have the ability Stakeout, which doubles the damage inflicted on any Pokemon that switches in mid-battle. It can also have the ability Strong Jaw, which doubles the power of biting-based moves.


Type: Normal / Flying

Pikipek is a normal and flying-type Pokemon that somewhat resembles a woodpecker. Predictably one of the top facts about Pikipek is that it’s able to strike 16 times per second with its beak – fast enough to chisel through stone, which sounds useful for battles. Its ability can be Keen Eye, which prevents accuracy loss, or Skill Link, which increases the number of hits multi-hit moves will do.


Type: Bug
Evolves into: Charjabug

Grubbin resembles a sort of larvae grub, as its name suggests. It has a sizable mandible which it uses to attack and to burrow in the ground. It also has a love of electricity, and so can be found in areas where electricity is abundant. Its ability is Swarm, which powers up bug-type moves by 50% when Grubbin’s health gets low.


Type: Bug / Electric
Evolves from: Grubbin
Evolves into: Vikavolt

Charjabug leaked but was later officially revealed by the Pokemon company. This is your typical mid-stage bug Pokemon evolution in finest Kakuna and Metapod tradition. Charjabug stores up electricity, and is sometimes used by humans as a living battery as a result – as it spends most of its time sitting still anyway. Its ability is Battery, which is new for Pokemon Sun & Moon and powers up the special moves of friendly Pokemon.


Type: Bug / Electric
Evolves from: Charjabug

From the humble beginnings of Grubbin comes Vikavolt, a bug-type Pokemon that resembles a beetle. Vikavolt can fly, and has lengthy mandibles that can be used to direct beams of stored up electricity. It’s extremely agile, and that’s why its ability is Levitate – this Pokemon never touches the ground, and so the Levitate ability grants it immunity to all Ground-type moves.

pokemon_sun_an_moon_tapu Koko
Tapu Koko

Type: Electric / Fairy

Tapu Koko is the ‘Guardian Deity’ of Melemele Island, one of the islands featured in Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Alola region. It’s curious but also slightly aloof, and doesn’t always come to the aid of those that need it. It can store electricity in the shells that cover its arms and its all-new ability, Electric Surge, means it activates Electric Terrain when sent into battle.


Type: Normal / Dragon

Drampa is officially classified as a ‘Placid Pokemon’, and is said to naturally live alone 10,000 feet above sea level, in the mountains. Despite its solitary nature it loves interacting with people and Pokemon, and will become enraged if those it cares for are hurt. When hurt, it can be deadly. Its abilities match that: Berserk, which increases the Special Attack stat when HP drops below half, and Sap Sipper, where its attack rises if hit with a grass-type move.


Type: Water / Psychic

Bruxish is a colourful, tropical-looking fish style Pokemon with some slightly terrifying human-looking lips. When deep in the ocean it uses its psychic abilities to detect prey and then disable them. It has two abilities: Dazzling prevents moves with an increased Speed Priority from landing, while Strong Jaw ups the power of any bite-based moves – appropriate given the lips.


Type: Bug / Fairy

Cutiefly is a tiny little bug and fairy-type Pokemon that has the power to detect the aura of any living being, be that plant-life, people or Pokemon. Because of its ability, it is sometimes attracted to built-up areas where lots of people live. It has two possible abilities: Honey Gather, where the Pokemon has a random chance to pick up a Honey item after a battle, and Shield Dust, which blocks the additional effects of any move that does damage.


Type: Electric / Steel

This Pokemon is rodent-like and part Electric-type, but it has no relation to Pikachu. In fact, it most closely resembles a non-spiky hedgehog, and is circular in shape. The needle on the back of its head is used to attract electricity. It has two possible abilities. The first is Iron Barbs, an ability that damages the opposing Pokemon in battle if they touch Togedemaru. The second, Lightningrod, means that this Pokemon simply absorbs all Electric-type moves used against it.


Type: Poison / Fire

Salandit is a cool-looking lizard that has a mix of poison and fire-type powers. It’s said to not necessarily be a powerful Pokemon, but one that can defeat opponents through its trickiness. One such trick is the toxic gas it emits, which disorients enemies. Its ability Corrosion is new to Pokemon Sun and Moon. It allows Salandit to inflict the poison status effect on any steel or poison-type Pokemon, something usually impossible.


Type: Ghost / Fairy

Also revealed in Corocoro, Mimikyu is a Ghost and Fairy-type Pokemon. It looks a little like a Ditto whose transformation into Pikachu has gone wrong, but that’s actually misleading: it’s actually a Pokemon that is scared of sunlight but still loves human contact. It’s covered itself with a cloth that happens to be from old, tatty Pikachu merchandise. It picked this as its cover because it wants to be loved by people as Pikachu is. Its ability Disguise is new for Pokemon Sun and Moon and allows this Pokemon to escape being hit by an enemy attack once by disguising itself.


Type: Normal / Fighting
Evolves into: Bewear

Stufful is a Pokemon that looks a little like a bear cub, and unsurprisingly it evolves into the bear-like Bewear. Despite its small size and cute appearance Stufful is actually deceptively strong and can take on opponents several times its strength and size with ease. Despite being fluffy and cute, it doesn’t like being touched and tends to freak out if it is. It has two potential abilities: Fluffy halves the damage taken from moves that involve physical contact, while Klutz prevents it from holding items.


Type: Normal / Fighting
Evolves from: Stufful

Revealed in Corocoro magazine in advance and then later in the West via the official Pokemon website, Bewear (Kiteruguma in Japan) is a Fighting and Normal-type Pokemon that resembles a bear. It’s friendly, but people are still scared of it because it’s incredibly strong and can hurt humans with powerful hugs. It’s said that a Bewear can break anything in two with ease. It has two potential abilities – Klutz (which prevents it from holding items) and Fluffy (which halves damage taken from physical attacks but doubles the damage taken from fire).


Type: Bug / Water

Wimpod is a dinky Water and Bug type Pokemon that was revealed in a Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer. They’re described as cowardly but curious, and so will keep their distance from people and Pokemon that aren’t calm and still. Its ability matches this attitude – new for Pokemon Sun and Moon, this ability is called Wimp Out. When Wimpod takes half damage, it will flee from battle, swapping in with another Pokemon from your bench.


Type: Grass

Bounsweet was first revealed in a July trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and is a grass-type Pokemon that’s officially classified as a ‘Fruit-type’ Pokemon. It has a sweet scent, and that sometimes makes it a target for its hungry Pokemon rivals. It has two potential abilities: Leaf Guard, which prevents the Pokemon from being impacted by negative status effects in sunny weather, and Oblivious, which prevents this Pokemon from being hit with the attraction or taunt status effects.


Type: Fairy

Comfey is a smaller Pokemon than it looks – the flowers you see it with aren’t actually part of its body, but are instinctively picked and kept by the Pokemon. Natural oils from Comfey’s body enhance the scent of the flowers, and as a result it this Pokemon is frequently used to help sick people recover. It has two potential abilities: Flower Veil, which prevents grass-type allies from having their stats reduced and Triage, which ensures all recovery moves have the highest priority in battle.


Type: Ground
Evolves into: Mudsdale

Mudbray is a donkey-like Pokemon, but clearly resmbles a younger animal in that it’s smaller and cuter. Sadly the Mudbray was hunted to the point of nearly being extinct in much of the world, but the people of Alola have managed to help keep this species of Pokemon going. Despite its small stature this Pokemon is surprisingly strong and is said to be able to drag or carry up to 50 times its own weight. It has two potential abilities – Own Tempo, which prevents confusion, and Staminia, which causes a Pokemon’s base defence to rise by 1 every time they’re hit by an attack.


Type: Ground
Evolves from: Mudbray

Mudsdale resembles a horse, and is known in the world of Pokemon Sun and Moon for being emotionally hardy – it’s calm, cool and collected. It attacks with powerful kicks that allegedly are strong enough to destroy cars. Despite its horse-like appearance, Mudsdale isn’t very fast – instead it relies on power and stamina. It has two potential abilities – the confusion status effect preventing Own Tempo and the new for Pokemon Sun and Moon Stamina, which causes a Pokemon’s defence to rise by 1 every single time they’re hit by an attack in battle.


Type: Flying + Fire/Psychic/Ghost/Electric (Depending on Style)

Oricorio is an interesting new bird-type Pokemon that’s fairly unique thanks to the fact that it comes in four different forms each of a different elemental sub-type: Baile Style (Fire), Pom-Pom style (Electric), P’au style (Psychic) and Sensu style (Ghost). These birds love to dance, and each of their forms is based off a style of dancing. Its ability is appropriately called Dancer, and means that whenever the opposing Pokemon uses a dancing move this Pokemon will immediately mimic that move right back at them! The different styles of Oricorio have different temperaments too.


Type: Rock / Flying

A rare combination of the Rock and Flying types, Minior is a sphere-shaped Pokemon that has two forms – one where it’s protected by a rocky outer shell and one where its bright inner form is exposed. Minior forms high up in the statosphere, gaining its shell over time. Eventually its shell becomes so heavy that the Pokemon is dragged down to earth. If it loses its shell Minior becomes more vulnerable but also faster. Its ability is Shields Down, which protects it from status conditions and offers boosted defence until half health is lost, at which point the shield is lost.


Type: Grass
Evolves into: Lurantis

Fomantis is plant-like in appearance, but also has clearly visible eyes, betraying its true nature. It evolves into Lurantis, but in order to do so needs to absorb energy via photosynthesis. As a result, this Pokemon sleeps with its arms outstretched to catch the sun during the day and moves about to search for a new place to rest at night. It’s very protective of spots where it can sun itself. Its ability is Lead Guard.


Type: Grass
Evolves from: Fomantis

Lurantis looks more like an insect than its previous evolution Fomantis, though the pair still resemble each other. Despite its insect-like look, this Pokemon actually smells strongly of flowers. It uses this scent to its advantage, drawing foes in with the pleasant smell before launching a surprise attack on them. It’s a Pokemon that enjoys being pampered, and it’ll come to truly trust trainers who groom and look after it, while it might not trust trainers that don’t treat them in such a manner even after a long while. Its ability is also Lead Guard.


Type: Water

Wishiwashi is a fish Pokemon. It looks pretty meek and vulnerable on its own, but the people of Alola still fear it and actually refer to it as ‘the demon of the sea’. Wishiwashi are pathetic alone, but when a group of them come together they form a school. In its school form, Wishiwashi is potentially deadly, turning into one large fish that’s formed up of many smaller fish. Its ability, Schooling, transforms Wishiwashi from its solo form to its schoo form.


Type: Ghost / Ground
Evolves into: Palossand

Sandygast is actually a pretty terrifying concept – a ghostly Pokemon formed out of sand. It vaguely resembles a sandcastle, but is really just a mound of sand with a tunnel that forms its mouth. Sandygast is said to be born from grudges of defeated Pokemon that seep into the sand and give it form. If a child grabs its shovel, Sandycast can control them and thus uses them to build itself larger. Its ability, Water Compaction, causes defence to rise when hit with a water attack.


Type: Ghost / Ground
Evolves from: Sandygast

The evolved form of Sandygast, Palossand actually now does look like a proper sandcastle, the previous Pokemon’s shovel turned into a flag-like appearance at the top of the tower. It rotates and works like a radar for the Pokemon as it searches for victims. When it finds one, it creates a vortex in the sand to suck them in and drag them down – in turn potentially creating new Sandygast from their ill will. It also has the Water Compaction ability.


Type: Water

Pyukumuku has a oval-shaped black body with pink spikes across its top. It’s a relatively inactive Pokemon, and will happily find a spot that it finds pleasing and stay there for a very long time – sometimes to the point where they begin to starve. Alolan people will often toss Pyukumuku back into the sea if they see them starving on land. Its ability, Innards Out, deals damage equal to Pyukumuku’s last HP when it is knocked out.


Type: Grass / Fairy

Morelull has nothing to do with internet memes in spite of its name. This small plant-like Pokemon somewhat resembles a crop of mushrooms, in fact. When it’s under threat the Morelull can release spores that will induce drowsiness in those nearby, thus giving the Pokemon a chance to escape or hide. It’s said that once a large group of Morelull all letting out their spores together after being disturbed nearly caused an airplane accident. It can have two abilities: Illuminate, which increases battle encounter rate, and Effect Spore, which can inflict negative status on foes that touch it.


Type: Fire / Dragon

Turtonator is a little like a turtle, something you may have found this Pokemon’s name as a handy hint on. A fire-type Pokemon, it lives in volcanoes and will often camouflage itself inside them in order to wait out for its prey. Thanks to its sulfur-heavy diet this Pokemon’s shell is actually quite explosive, and it will tactically use this to attack foes. Its ability, Shell Armour, prevents critical hits.


Type: Fighting

You’d expect a crab-type Pokemon to be a water-type, but no – Crabrawler lives up to its name and is instead a fighting type. Part crab, part brawler (see what they did there?) Crabrawler has two potential abilities – Hyper Cutter, which prevents the attack stat from being reduced, or Iron Fist, which boosts the power of punching moves by 20%.

Type: Null

Type: Normal
Evolves into: Silvally

In a sense Type: Null is the closest thing we’ve got to a real-like Missingno – it’s a Pokemon that has the characteristics of multiple other Pokemon, including the tail of a fish and insect-like legs. It appears that this Pokemon was artificially created, and it has a specific mission – though nobody quite knows what exactly that mission is. Its Battle Armour ability prevents foes from landing any critical hits.


Type: Normal
Evolves from: Type: Null

Silvally evolves from Type: Null and retains its normal typing and genderless status. It carries the RKS System ability, which allows this Pokemon to change its type on the fly depending on certain parameters.


Type: Dragon
Evolves into: Hakamo-o

Jangmo-o appears to be a smaller dragon with a noble look to it. It has a yellow bulp on the end of its tail and a hefty overbite with powerful-looking fangs. This Pokemon loves being a warrior, and trains hard as a result. The scales on its forehead can be used to attack or to defend. It has two potential abilities – Bulletproof, which makes it immune to ball and bomb-type moves, and Soundproof, which grants immunity from all sound-type moves.


Type: Dragon / Fighting
Evolves from: Jangmo-o
Evolves into: Kommo-o

This evolution sees this Pokemon on its hind legs almost all the time, with this reptilian-looking Pokemon now able to adopt a proper fighting stance in addition to the dragon-type moves it had in its previous form. It has two potential abilities – Bulletproof, which makes it immune to ball and bomb-type moves, and Soundproof, which grants immunity from all sound-type moves.


Type: Dragon / Fighting
Evolves from: Kommo-o

Kommo-o is a huge bipedal Pokemon that resembles a reptile once again, albeit one you probably wouldn’t want as your pet. It keeps its aloof nature, though will watch over the younger offspring of its species carefully from afar, ready to assist if necessary. It has two potential abilities – Bulletproof, which makes it immune to ball and bomb-type moves, and Soundproof, which grants immunity from all sound-type moves.


Type: Fighting

This Pokemon appears to make helmets out of fruit, and as well as being seen wearing one such helmet also carries around fruit it can use and throw at enemies. They’re a very good throw, and it’ll respect trainers who throw Pokeballs with similar skill. Its Reciever ability means it can borrow the ability of a fainted ally during battle.


Type: Normal / Psychic

The name of this Pokemon might’ve clued you in – it appears to be the Pokemon world’s version of an Oragnutan. Except, y’know… it’s a guru. Because it’s so wise this Pokemon is actually a little psychic. It has abilities to match, and can come with the ability Inner Focus to prevent flinching or the ability Telepathy, which helps it to sense and then dodge enemy attacks.

Pokemon Sun & Moon: New Alola Form Pokemon

Alola Form Rattata

Type: Dark / Normal

Pokemon’s iconic rat-like Pokemon Rattata gets an all-new form that’ll only be found in Alola, the land where Pokemon Sun & Moon are set. The Alolan form Rattata is Dark type as well as Normal type and can have one of two abilities – Gluttony, which makes it eat berries more frequently, and Hustle, which doubles attack power but lowers physical move accuracy by a fifth.

Alola Form Raticate

Type: Dark / Normal

Rattata’s evolution Raticate also gets an all-new form that’ll only be found in Alola. The Alolan form Raticate is Dark type as well as Normal type and can have one of two abilities – Gluttony, which makes it eat berries more frequently, and Hustle, which doubles attack power but lowers physical move accuracy by a fifth.

Alola Form Raichu

Type: Electric / Psychic

Raichu, the often more forgotten further evolution of Pikachu, also gets an Alola exclusive form that gains some psychic powers. The Alolan Raichu also comes with the Surge Surfer ability which means that electrical terrain in battle will double Raichu’s speed.

Alola Form Sandshrew

Type: Ice / Steel

Back in Pokemon Red and Blue Sandshrew was a basic Ground-type Pokemon, but its Alolan cousin is a different type entirely, being an Ice-type and Steel-type hybrid. This also opens up a whole new move set and adds the Snow Cloak ability, which protects it during hail battle conditions.

Alola Form Sandslash

Type: Ice / Steel

Sandslash also gets Sandshrew’sa upgrade in its Alolan form, also becoming an Ice-type and Steel-type hybrid. This also opens up a whole new move set and adds the Snow Cloak ability, which protects it during hail battle conditions.

Alola Form Vulpix

Type: Ice

Cutesey fire fox Vulpix gets an entirely new type and new look in Alola, taking on Ice-type and thus getting an entirely different move set while retaining Vulpix’s iconic look. It also comes with the Snow Cloak ability, giving this Vulpix the edge in hail condition battles.

Alola Form Ninetales

Type: Ice / Fairy

Like Vulpix, its evolution Ninetales also gets a form that’s exclusive to the islands of Alola. Ninetales keeps Vulpix’s ice type designation and chillier design, but also now comes boasting being part Fairy-type as well. It retains the Snow Cloak ability.

Alola Form Meowth

Type: Dark

Meowth is most famous for being part of the nefarious Team Rocket in the Pokemon cartoons, and the Alolan version of this cat-type Pokemon is even more suspect – it’s a smug-looking dark-type pokemon, and comes with the underhanded moves to match. It shares abilities with its Red and Blue normal-type counterpart.

Alola Form Exeggutor

Type: Grass / Dragon

Exeggutor was always a slightly chubby and stout-looking thing, but something about its evolutionary process went quite differently in Alola, granting the Pokemon a gigantic neck and making it part dragon-type. It switches out its grass-type ability for Frisk, which lets you see what item your opponent’s Pokemon is holding as you enter battle.

Alola Form Marowak

Type: Fire / Ghost

Marowak’s Alolan form gives us a darker take of a Pokemon that already has a fairly dark past, changing it from a Ground-type into a Fire-type and Ghost-type hybrid. It maintains its Lightning Rod ability as a possibility, but it can also have a new, exclusive ability in Cursed Body, which gives this Pokemon the chance to disable its opponent on hit.

Alola Form Grimer

Type: Poison / Dark

Grimer’s Alolan form is green with a touch of bright yellow, and gains the Dark type over its regular counterpart. It can have one of two new abilities compared to the familiar version – Poison Touch, which has a chance to poison foes when they touch Grimer, and Gluttony, which will cause this Pokemon to consume berries sooner.

Alola Form Muk

Type: Poison / Dark

Muk’s Alolan form takes on a rainbow-like appearance, but it’s still just as gross and threatening. It gains the Dark type over its regular counterpart. It can have one of two new abilities compared to the familiar version – Poison Touch, which has a chance to poison foes when they touch Grimer, and Gluttony, which will cause this Pokemon to consume berries sooner.

Videos and Trailers of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s New Pokemon

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have released a fair few videos of some of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s newcomers in action to give you a glimpse at them and their abilities in battle. First up, here’s the first major trailer, featuring the new Starters and the two new key Legendary Pokemon:

Watch on YouTube

Get to know Pikipek, Yungoos and Grubbin in this trailer:

Watch on YouTube

Catch a first glimpse at Tapu Koko, Charjabug, Vikavolt, Drampa, Bruxish, Cutiefly, Togedemaru and new forms of Legendary Pokemon Zygarde in this trailer:

Watch on YouTube

Meet Salandit, the new firey lizard-type Pokemon, in this video that was released in July:

Watch on YouTube

Glimpse a tiny look at Kiteruguma and Mimikyu, two all-new Pokemon Sun and Moon additions, in this Japanese trailer.

Watch on YouTube

Learn about the new Alola region Pokemon discoveries of Bewear, Mimikyu, Wimpod, Bounsweet, Comfey and Mudsdale in this trailer.

Watch on YouTube

It’s not yet clear exactly how many new Pokemon will be added to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, but if it’s anything like previous entries it’ll be a sizeable number and this won’t be the complete list. Be sure to bookmark this page, as we’ll continue to update it with pictures and bios for every major new addition to the Pokedex as they’re leaked or officially announced.

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