Overwatch – what ultimates and abilities Sombra can and can’t hack and EMP

By Sherif Saed
9 November 2016 11:00 GMT

Sombra can disable other heroes’ abilities and ultimates, here’s the complete list.

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Sombra isn’t actually as strong as you think, although she can hack and disable many ultimates and abilities in Overwatch, not everything applies. As a general rule, Sombra’s hack can be interrupted if she takes damage, and she can’t disrupt basic firing modes and passives.

She also can’t stop ultimates that have a continues effect, or buffs, but she can interrupt the ones that are charged or channelled. In the video above, Alex lists what Sombra can and can’t do to each of the game’s heroes.

We’ve broken down them all down below, too.


If Genji is hacked, he won’t be able to use his Swift Strike or Deflect. If he’s hacked during the Swift Strike motion, it won’t stop, unless you catch him right before he leaps. Because Dragonblade is a continuous buff, Sombra has no effect on it whether by EMP or her regular hack.


You can’t stop Mccree Combat Roll mid-animation, nor can you prevent his Flashbang from affecting you. Deadeye takes time to cast, so Sombra can definitely hack it after activation, both with her regular hack or the EMP.


You can’t stop Farah from flying. You can, however, stop her from using the Jump Jet if you catch her at the start of the ascent. Your hack has no effect on her Concussive Blast, though.

Barrage can be hacked and EMP’d. However, because Sombra’s hack is interrupted when she takes damage, if you mange to start firing the barrage and hit her, you’ll disable her hack and continue firing. Using an EMP disables Barrage completely, though.


Reaper can’t be hacked when he’s in Wraith Form, but his teleport can be stopped if Sombra manages to catch him at the start of the animation. Death Blossom can be hacked and EMP’d after activation.

Soldier 76

If Soldier 76 is hacked, he won’t be able to sprint, since it’s one of his abilities, the same goes for his Helix Rockets and Biotic Field. However, for sprint, the hack won’t affect you if you’re already sprinting. His Tactical Visor ultimate cannot be hacked or EMP’d once activated.


When facing another Sombra, you can stop her from using her Translocator teleport. If the enemy Sombra is using Thermoptic Camo, but you can see her regardless, you can hack her to stop her from using the rest of her abilities, but not take her out of the cloak.

As for her EMP, it’s going to come down to which player manages to shoot first, that’s one who’s going to disable the other’s ultimate.


Tracer can be hacked during her Blink, but it’s very tricky to pull off. You can, however, stop her from using Recall to go back to the previous spot, and it’s a bit easier to do. Pulse Bomb can’t be stopped once it’s attached to you.


Bastion will lose his turret form and switch back to normal form if he’s hacked. The same goes for his Self Repair ability, which can also be cancelled by hacking. His ultimate, the tank form, cannot be stopped.


The only way to stop Hanzo’s ultimate, Dragonstrike, is to stop him from firing the arrow. If the arrow goes out, it will turn into the dragon and go on to deal damage.


Concussion Mine can be hacked, preventing Junkrat from detonating it if it’s already thrown out. It’s important to note that the mine itself cannot be hacked, so you need to focus on Junkrat himself to prevent him from detonating it.

The Steel Trap can’t be hacked, and it will even catch you if you’re cloaked. His Rip-Tire ultimate cannot be stopped once released.


Mei cannot be hacked in her Cryo-Freeze form. Mei’s Blizzard ultimate cannot be stopped once the ice bomb is thrown, either.


The turrets Torbjörn puts down can be hacked, but if you’re facing one alone, it’ll be impossible to hack. That’s because taking damage interrupts your hack, and you’ll no doubt take plenty of damage standing around a turret. The EMP, however, can stop turrets.


Widowmaker can be hacked in the middle of her Grappling Hook animation to stop her from reaching her goal. Her Venom Mine will affect you, however, if you’re caught in its radios. For the Infra-Sight ultimate, using your cloaking ability means you won’t be revealed by it.

It’s worth noting that hacking Widowmaker after the ultimate has been activated will not disable it for the rest of the team.


You can stop D.Va in her tracks mid-boost. You can also hack her Defence Matrix. Her Self-Destruct ultimate cannot be stopped once it’s been fired. However, you can prevent her from getting into the new mech.


Like with D.Va, you can stop Reinhardt mid-charge, but it requires much better timing on your part. The same goes for Fire Strike, but the window is even shorter. Reinhardt’s Barrier Field can block your hacking, so you’ll need to flank him.

The Earthshatter ultimate can’t be stopped once fired.


You can’t cancel out his Chain Hook if it gets you, but you can stop him from using his Take a Breather healing ability mid-animation. Roadhog’s Whole Hog ultimate can be stopped using hack or the EMP.


You can stop Winston from executing the jump with his Jump Pack, but only if you manage to catch him at the start before he leaps. His Barrier Projector dome prevents your hack, so you’ll need to be in there with him for it to work.

Primal Rage can’t be hacked or EMP’d.


You can’t hack Zarya if she has the Particle Barrier applied to herself, and it also protects any teammate who has it on. You can disable the barrier, however, using the EMP. The Gravitation Surge ultimate can’t be stopped, unless you manage to catch her before the animation begins.


You can’t counter the Sleep Dart or the Biotic Grenade. If Ana applies a Nano Boost to a teammate, you won’t be able to hack or EMP them, either.


You can hack Lúcio to prevent him from using Crossfade. If he used Amped it Up the hack won’t be able to stop the effect. Similarly, Lúcio’s Sound Barrier can be hacked during the activation process, but you won’t be able to stop it once it’s been activated. However, the EMP will strip the effect away from everyone.


You can only disable Mercy’s guardian angel wings, but you can’t stop her from gliding. You also can’t interrupt her reviving animation when she’s Resurrecting.


You can’t actually hacke her Sentry Turrets at all, you can hack her as she’s placing one to stop her, though. You also can’t touch her Teleporter ultimate once it’s placed.


If Zenyatta applies an Orb of Discord to you and you go invisible, the effect will not be removed. You can’t do anything to stop his Transcendence ultimate, either. The hack and EMP won’t work here.

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