The Division – here are the top five DPS weapons for PvE right now

By Sherif Saed
3 November 2016 14:53 GMT

The metagame has changed in The Division with the release of the latest patch. Let’s take a look at the top PvE weapons currently.

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Ubisoft Massive released the big 1.4 patch for The Division very recently. The list of changes is too big, and it affects the majority of gameplay systems.

Naturally, the gear and weapons previously thought to the best have changed. In the video above, Alex lists the top five DPS weapons for PvE now. The main thing you should look for in a PvE weapon is damage over time, and this list is mostly based around that.

No. 5: PP-19 SMG

Although SMGs are not the best choice for DPS anymore, the PP-19 is a great SMG and among the best weapons you could equip. The weapon has a large magazine, which can be expanded further with the help of an extended mag mod.

The talents it comes with are also good, and one of them increases your reload speed after landing critical hits, meaning less downtime between mags.

No. 4: SASG-12 Shotgun

This semi-auto shotgun has a fast rate-of-fire and a good magazine size. The stagger bonus, one of the new additions in 1.4, helps greatly in dealing with rushers. The high rate-of-fire also means DPS is high, thanks to sustained fire.

No. 3: G36 Assault Rifle

Even after the initial nerf, the G36s are still among the top-performing assault rifles in the game. The rate-of-fire on the weapon is not too high, but it means the recoil will be relatively manageable as a result.

In general, assault rifles now have the enemy armour damage bonus, which helps take down tanks relatively quickly.

No. 2: SCAR-H Assault Rifle

This marksman rifle and its various variants currently offer the highest DPS output for PvE. Being a marksman rifle means the weapon is very accurate, provided you don’t spam it.

On top of that, a good magazine mod means you can have more than enough bullets to down a target without reloading.

No. 1: Hungry Hog / M60 LMG

These two M60 rifles are tied for the top slot. The Hungry Hog wins slightly, but you can easily replace it with an M60. LMGs offer the largest magazine sizes, and grant bonus damage when attacking targets out of cover.

The Hungry Hog, however, is a very high damaging weapon, abnormally high, as Alex puts it. This could be to make the weapon more interesting, since named weapons are kind of in a lull right now when it comes to Talents. The Hog drops from Dark Zone bosses.

Watch the video from more, including the Talents you should always shoot for when looking for a PvE weapon.

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