This is what it’s like to play Overwatch: on point Experience series boasts some of the best machinima we’ve seen in ages

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 25 October 2016 01:49 GMT

Overwatch, you’re so relatable.


Overwatch player and YouTuber Cynn is churning out Experience videos with pointed comments on what it’s like to play as certain Overwatch heroes. I love that these videos use machinima and clever editing rather than relying on external tools; it’s amazing what you can do with base gameplay and careful planning.

The series kicked off with this joking comment on Symmetra, possibly the Overwatch hero most in need of an overhaul right now.

The teleporter’s just too loud, innit. It’ll be interesting to see how it fares when Blizzard delivers the promised Symmetra overhaul to the Overwatch PTR.

Anyway, the next episode featured Reaper, Overwatch’s official edge lord, whose most impressive plays often put him in a very uncomfortable position.

And now here’s the latest episode of the Overwatch Experience series, which hones in on Roadhog’s controversial hook.

The only complaint anyone could possibly have regarding this video is that it should have been McCree instead of Lucio. Blizzard plz nerf.

The creator said on Reddit that he hopes to make a video for every Overwatch character, to which we say: yes please.

For such a young game, Overwatch has such an active and creative community. It’s super rad.

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