Pokémon Go Halloween event treats players with extra candy and tricks them with an abundance of Drowzee

By Shabana Arif, Monday, 24 October 2016 16:55 GMT

It pays to stick around for the app’s first in-game event.

If you’re still playing Pokémon Go then this Halloween, you’re in for a treat.

Pokémon Go’s Halloween event is running from October 26 to November 1 and during that time, you’ll earn double the amount of candy for all activities.

So whether you’re catching critters, hatching, or transferring them, you’ll get candy galore.

Keeping with the Halloween theme, you’ll run into a lot more spooky Pokémon over the next week, including Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Zubat, Golbat, and, um, Drowzee. And Hypno.

Drowzee is about as terrifying as a bowl of custard and the resemblence doesn’t stop there. How he’s made the list is anyone’s guess.

So if you’re trick-or-treating with the kids – yours or just generally surrounded by other peoples – be on the lookout.

I don’t think it’s possible to increase the amount of Drowzee in my town, so this should be interesting.

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