Dishonored 2 M02: Edge of the World part 1 – A Strange Visit and The Dreadful Wale

By Brenna Hillier
10 October 2016 23:25 GMT

The real Dishonored 2 starts here. Get your first ability and head into Karnaca.


    The Dreadful Wale key items and objectives
  • Meet with Meagan Foster
  • Open the Cabin door (optional)
  • Rune x 3
  • Outsider Shrine x 1

General layout and tips

This mission begins with a short sequence aboard The Dreadful Wale, your new base of operations. After you first awake you’ll meet with an old friend of the family, and have to make a decision. If this is your first playthrough, you should accept their offer.

When you’re free to explore The Dreadful Wale, you’ll find it’s pretty limited. Near the cabin you’ll find a blocked door which is the focus of an optional objective. There’s a central staircase leading to various exits. Meagan occupies a room near the galley, and Sokolov’s room is just past here. Near Meagan’s room is a corridor leading to the toilet (which on a ship is usually called the head – valuable extra intel from your friends at VG247), with stairs at the end to the engine room on the lowest level.

There are a number of minor loot items, ammo and consumables scattered around The Dreadful Wale, but the key item you should look for is the rune on the ocean floor.

Speak to Meagan to be briefed on your next mission, then follow her to the skiff and speak to her again to move to the next zone.


When you wake up, try to open the cabin door, then turn around to spot a new path. Walk out onto the rocky platforms, jumping across the gaps, until a cutscene plays.

This is the point at which you choose whether to accept supernatural powers or play the game using only mechanical tools. Playing without powers is extra challenging, so this is best left to Dishonored veterans or repeat playthroughs. Accepting grants you Blink or Far Reach, your basic movement power, and opens the ability unlock menu.

Continue over the platforms using your special ability until you reach an Outsider Shrine. Interact to view a scene and collect the Heart – a very useful item. It will help you spot distant runes, which are used to unlock abilities, and Bonecharms, which give small bonuses and perks when equipped. Give it a squeeze to hear a secret; if you aim at living characters it will share information on them.

Continue through the level until you reach the runes on the Outsider shrine. Collect them to end this sequence.

When you wake up on The Dreadful Wale, collect Document: Letter from Emily on the desk. Interact with the cabin door to receive your crossbow and Document: Limited Resources.

Outside the cabin, collect Document: Maintenance List on the table just outside. This unlocks an optional objective, which we’ll get to in a moment.

Move on to the central room where Meagan awaits. Before entering, take the side corridor past the toilet and down the stairs to the engine room to collect Document: Trying to fix the secondary engine.

Now climb the central stairs all the way to the top to collect Book: Dreadful Wale Accounting.

In the room with Meagan, you can collect Book: The Shindaerery Gift, A Study from the desk by the galley door and Book: Blood of the Abele House from a corner where a card game is set up.

Beyond Meagan’s room, you’ll find Sokolov’s little den. Collect Document: Sokolov’s Notes – Bloodfly Study, Book: A Reflection on My Journey to the Pandyssian Continent [1], Document: Anton Sokolov’s Investigation Notes and Audiograph: Anton Sokolov’s Abduction. You can smash the glass case for some minor loot.

Speak to Meagan and get your briefing, then look for the open hatch near her desk by the galley door. Go out and walk along the ship a little to reach another hatch. Go in and crouch to move to the blocked door. Hit it with your sword and open it to complete optional objective Open the Cabin Door. There’s some minor loot and supplies inside, as well as Book: A Reflection on my Journey to the Pandyssian Continent [3].

Cross to the other side of the ship and dive into the water. There’s a rune under an upturned boat on the sea floor. It’s sitting on a shelf against the wall closest to the ship. It’s very difficult to see underwater and especially in the overturned boat even with Dark Vision, and you can’t hold your breath for long. The easiest way I found was to start at the end of the overturned boat closest to Meagan and the skiff, and swim through an opening to find the rune on my right. You can then easily see an exit right by the shelf.

If you’re struggling with this, temporarily increase the brightness in-game or on your telly. Remember to hold the sprint key to swim faster, and hold the surface button to get back to air faster when you’re done. Make a few scouting attempts to find the entrances to the boat before you actually go for the rune.

With that done, do a round of the staircase and decks of the Dreadful Wale to collect any ammo and consumables you need and grab Book: A Reflection on my Journey to the Pandyssian Continent [4] from the crates in the bow before we move onto Dockyard Quarter and Addermire Station.

Speak to Meagan to start your trip to the next zone.

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