Episode 2 of Rick and Morty: Looks Who’s Purging Now recreated in Fallout 4 has landed

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 8 October 2016 19:58 GMT

In part two of Rick and Morty: Looks Who’s Purging Now recreated in Fallout 4, our heroes realize the severity of their situation.

After saving her from being murdered, Arthricia has double-crossed the duo by not only stealing their spaceship, but by shooting a hole in Rick’s liver – which just so happens to be the hardest working liver in the galaxy.

As with part one, UpIsNotJump used various Fallout 4 mods to create the episode. A new episode of Look Who’s Purging Now will be being released every two weeks or so, with part three in the works.

If you’ve never watched Rick & Morty, I’ll give you the same rundown of the episode provided a few weeks back.

Rick and Morty stop on a planet to grab windshield fluid for the ship after a massive space bug splattered all over it. The planet’s inhabitants are cat-people who seem to live a peaceful, old-fashioned lifestyle. This is only obtained by having an annual purge called The Festival, which just like the movie The Pruge, gives people the right to kill each other one night a year to sate their aggressive tendencies.

The grandfather and grandson duo arrive on the planet the very evening of The Festival. While Rick wants to watch the carnage, Morty isn’t too keen to stick around due to having a moral compass – something Rick hilariously lacks. Morty eventually comes around, but it takes a while, and when he does, he goes a bit bonkers with the bloodlust.

If you have never seen the episode you can watch it through here on Adult Swim.

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