Destiny’s Iron Banner returns with more paths to rewards and customization in Rise of Iron

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 4 October 2016 18:49 GMT

Be sure to report to Lord Saladin in the Iron Temple, because he has a mission for you.

Iron Banner has returned to Destiny in Rise of Iron, and things have changed a bit, as previously reported.

First off though, you will need to speak with Lord Saladin who will send you on a quest to track down the new Iron Banner Vendor, Lady Efrideet. It doesn’t seem she is too far away from Saladin’s location. Maybe he has gone blind or I’m not getting something. Either way, go see the fella.

For those jumping in, the Tempered mechanic has been nixed, Victory in a match grants 250 Reputation and Iron Medallions will now grant 150 Reputation each upon Victor.

Also, there are now four Weekly Bounties which include the following rewards:

  • An Iron Banner item not featured on the Vendor
  • A chance at an Iron Banner Artifact or Vanity Item
  • 25 Legendary Marks
  • 750 Iron Banner Reputation

Some of the armor you will acquire were posted previously (hit the first link in this post) and as usual, the Hunter goodies are super sharp.

Anyway, it’s live and able to be enjoyed from now until and hour before reset on Tuesday, October 11.

The game is Supremacy, which many say sounds similar to Kill Confirmed, the objective and deathmatch mode introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. You’d have to ask Brenna or another Destiny player about that, though, or watch the video from Arekkz above.

He gives you a rundown on the new items, talks about the changes, and the cutscene which introduces the aforementioned Lady Efrideet.

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