Watch Dogs 2 will have far more customization options than basic trenchcoats

By Marshall Lemon, Tuesday, 27 September 2016 21:33 GMT

Who says hackers can’t be interested in fashion?

Watch Dogs 2 will have far more customization options than basic trenchcoats

Whether you loved or hated the original Watch Dogs 2, adding new stores and a huge volume of clothing items Marcus Holloway can snatch up. Arekkz recently detailed the system in a new video, showing the wide range of customization options at each players disposal.

With Watch Dogs 2 changing settings from Chicago to San Francisco, the sequel is clearly trying to embrace a more vibrant fashion scene. As such, a wider range of customization options are available, including hats, jacket-shirt combos, pants, shoes, glasses, and bags. What’s more, available inventories change between shops – you could enter a retail storefront with a huge inventory, or explore outdoor marketplaces with limited items. If you look closely in the video, a “Premium” tab is also available, presumably for clothing which becomes available via DLC or microtransactions.

While these options are all cosmetic, it’s hard to deny they greatly enhance Holloway’s visual range well beyond that of Aiden Pearce. Helping players feel like they can express their personalities, even in a limited sense, could go a long way towards making Watch Dogs 2 more inviting. We’ll find out when it launches for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 15, 2016.

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