Destiny: Rise of Iron – how to get Year 3 and Iron Gjallarhorn via the Echoes of the Past Exotic quest

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21 September 2016 05:11 GMT

Destiny: Rise of Iron delivers the new and improved Iron Gjallarhorn. Here’s how to get yours and complete Echoes of the Past.

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To get the Year 3 Gjallarhorn in Destiny: Rise of Iron, and optionally unlock the pre-order bonus Iron Gjallarhorn, you’ll need to complete a questline called Echoes of the Past.

Although Echoes of the Past is available in your quest log as soon as you enter Felwinter Peak and speak to all the NPCs to begin Destiny: Rise of Iron proper, you can’t start it immediately. To begin Echoes of the Past, you must finish the Rise of Iron questline by speaking to Shiro and Tyra at Felwinter Peak after completing the mission The Iron Tomb.

With that out of the way, here’s how to proceed with the Echoes of the Past quest and claim the Year 3 Gjallarhorn and Iron Gjallarhorn, two of Destiny: Rise of Iron’s most anticipated Exotic weapons.

  • 1. Obtain a Splicer Key

    A new addition to Destiny: Rise of Iron, Splicer Keys are randomly dropped by Splicer enemies in the Plaguelands. This isn’t listed in the quest log, but you need a Splicer Key to complete the next step. Feel free to head to Archon’s Keep to battle Splicer enemies there so you’re handy for the next part, or check out this tip for farming Splicer Keys.

  • 2. Complete an Anomaly patrol mission at Archon’s Keep in the Plaguelands

    When you arrive at Archon’s Keep, bring up your Ghost so you can view nearby patrol mission icons. Anomaly patrol missions are marked by the Ghost symbol, just like regular Scan patrol missions. You’ll need to follow your waypoint underground, use a Splicer Key to pass through a gate, and battle a Fallen Walker to reach the anomaly, which is right where the tank is camping.

  • 4.Complete the Symbol of Honor mission

    This unusual quest is set on a Crucible map, Bannerfall. After turning in Beauty of Destruction it should appear in your Navigator pane like any other mission. It starts simply enough” you’ll be tasked with scanning several different points. Once this is complete you’ll need to defend a small zone from an army of Splicers, including a huge number of exploding Shanks, until the time runs out – and then do it again on the other side of the map. Finally, you must defeat a giant Splicer Captain.

  • 5. Find five Dormant SIVA Clusters

    After completing Symbol of Honor, speak to Tyra to unlock the next step: finding Dormant SIVA Clusters. Dormant SIVA Clusters are a new collectible in Destiny: Rise of Iron. There are loads scattered through almost every area of the expansion, and you can pick up any five of them. Ned help? Here’s a guide to all ten Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Cluster locations.

  • 6. Complete the Beauty in Delivery mission

    Speak to Saladin to unlock the Beauty in Delivery mission. You’ll be sent to the Cosmodrome to battle Splicers while avoiding damage from mines. Eventually you’ll end up on the Frontier Crucible map, where you must defend your Ghost from waves of Splicers, including Captains with Shock Cannons. You might want to bring a friend on this one.

Beauty in Delivery can be a bit tricky, even if you’re not going it alone. As Lord Saladin suggests, using the environment is key; the defence zone is pretty big, and you don’t actually have to stay near Ghost since the Fallen pay no attention to him. As such, you can run loops around the defence zone, drawing the Fallen into packs easily managed with supers, grenades and Heavy weapons aimed at choke points.

If you really struggle, there’s a cheese method; if you climb up onto the nearby racks, crouching will allow you to activate Ghost. You can then drop down on the other side of the racks and wait it out.

When Ghost is done you’ll receive a Year One Gjallarhorn at 350 Light. There’s plenty of heavy ammo and enemies around to try your new toy out with before you return to Saladin to complete the Echoes of the Past quest.

Once you have the Year 3 Gjallarhorn, you can infuse it into the Iron Gjallarhorn if you pre-ordered Destiny: Rise of Iron. Look for the Iron Gjallarhorn item you should find waiting for you at the Postmaster.

Once unlocked via this quest, you’ll also be able to purchase the Iron Gjallarhorn from the Exotic weapon kiosk. This allows you to hold the standard Year 3 Gjallarhorn and the Iron Gjallarhorn at the same time if you choose not to infuse your Year 3 Gjallarhorn. Unfortunately the kiosk version of the Iron Gjallarhorn is only available at 320 Light, meaning you’ll need to infuse it back up to spec.

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