The Revive mechanic for the Medic class in Battlefield 1 is getting fixed

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 20 September 2016 19:19 GMT

Those who played the Medic class in the Battlefield 1 beta will be pleased to know the Revive mechanic will receive some love from the development team.

The video above, Westie goes over some of the fixes and changes coming to the class. It’s worth pointing out right away that one of the main complaints, the lack of a Revive button, was reinstated. Apparently, the icon wasn’t present in the beta unless the player clicked a button in the killcam.

Also, Revive icons on the mini-map are now aligned with player bodies in the game world. Westie said this was a bug present in Battlefield 4 as well, so it’s good to see a fix has been applied.

Syringe can now revive players where their bodies land, not the place where they died which should help matters.

In the video, Westie also goes over some of the many other changes applied. Be sure to give it a watch.

Only 10% of those who participated in the beta played the Mechic class. The reason listed above may have been the reason. Maybe.

More fixes have been applied to the game since beta, so be sure to give this the once over.

Battlefield 1 will be released on October 21 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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