What’s it like to walk across an entire planet in No Man’s Sky?

By James O'Connor, Friday, 16 September 2016 03:40 GMT

A Reddit poster going by the name ‘ St3amb0t’ has recounted his journey circumnavigating an entire planet in No Man’s Sky by foot, a feat that took him around 40 hours.

We’ve heard reports of similar explorations before – we reported earlier this month on one player who walked halfway around a planet – but actually making the whole journey is another story entirely.

St3amb0t streamed the final hour of his trip around the planet Dudenbeaumodeme, embedded above, and posted about his journey on Reddit.

“I still can’t believe I made this journey and I still can’t believe how excited and supportive you have all been”, he wrote. “When I started I was doing this for me, as a way to process my long-simmering obsession with the game.

However, as things went on, I realized I was really doing it for you guys, the fans and the true-believers. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it’s been updating and interacting with you all. The internet can be a really cool place, sometimes.”

This is quite an achievement, although it’s also worth noting, perhaps, that technically Dudenbeaumodeme would not qualify as a planet – by a conservative estimate, to walk around it in that space of time, it would need to be about 1/25th the size of Pluto.

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