Beta demo for Nioh dated and it sounds harder than the last demo

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 17 August 2016 18:57 GMT

The second beta demo for PlayStation 4 exclusive Nioh has been dated.

As previously reported, it will arrive in late August through PlayStation Network and it comes with loads of additional content.

This is the final demo to be released for the bloody action title, and it’s your last chance to fight for access to the Mark of the Conqueror DLC.

A number of gameplay changes have been applied since the first demo was released in April, some of which will be noticeable when visiting the village of Usuki. This first stage of the demo will offer new challenges, and those who already conquered Usuki and procured Mark of the Conqueror DLC will receive a set of weapons and more starting money.

They will also have the opportunity to play through the new Nakatsu stage without having to clear Usuki again, thankfully.

In this new stage, William will trek along a dangerous treacherous mountain pass to a cave full of human and supernatural enemies, including Hinoenma, a dangerous Yokai under the guise of a beautiful woman.

Defeating the Nakatsu stage will award players with the Mark of the Strong DLC, which will be available when the game launches.

Experience gained from the trials of Usuki and Nakatsu will prepare players for the Twilight mission which lets the player re-visit Usuki or Nakatsu and battle stronger enemies and creatures. They will also earn rather valuable items.

New weapons such as a long-range hand cannon rifle and dual-wielding Katanas are included. New spears, axes and hammers have also been added, along with Onmyo magic and Ninjutsu combat elements.

Finally, to help players master battle techniques, a Training Dojo has been added to the demo

The Nioh beta demo will be made available on PS4 August 23 until September 6, after which time the demo will be disabled.

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