First World of Warcraft: Legion short is out – turns out Gul’dan is even creepier than we thought

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 22 July 2016 06:04 GMT

World of Warcraft: Legion needs some introduction – and here it is. Part one, anyway.

World of Warcraft’s lore is, at this stage, so convoluted and rife with identical-sounding names that Blizzard itself sometimes can’t keep track of it and gets schooled by hardcore fans.

What hope do you – potentially a lapsed WoW player considering coming back for new expansion Legion – have of knowing what’s going on? Not a sausage worth.

A new series of animated shorts called Harbingers is designed to help, and the first episode is now available. Contrary to earlier reports, it’s not about an elf who joins Illidan’s Legion but rather focuses on Gul’dan.

Even I, a distant World of Warcraft observer, know who that is; he was in the movie and everything. But if you don’t know, the short will quickly catch you up on why he’s a bit of a jerk. If you’d like to know more the WoW Wiki has a baffling amount of information on the subject.

World of Warcraft: Legion launches in August; the major pre-expansion patch is out now.

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