Check out Destiny: Rise of Iron Light 355 Vanguard, faction, foundry and Siva gear

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 21 July 2016 02:22 GMT

Destiny: Rise of Iron ups the Light cap and introduces a stack of sexy new gear. Let’s take a look.

Destiny: Rise of Iron was the focus of a Bungie livestream earlier today. The only real solid news was that Destiny: Rise of Iron pre-orders include the Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow, but the stream included a tour of the Cosmodrome as it will appear when the expansion drops.

During the tour, Bungie had to move through some menus briefly and eagle-eyed Destiny fans spotted a player’s Light level at 355. There’s nothing to confirm this is the new cap for Rise of Iron, but it does give us an idea of what level the gear on show during the tour might be, as Bungie generally kits everyone out fairly equitably.

Thanks to Destiny expert Arekkz‘s edits, the video above gives you a close look at new Vanguard, foundry and faction gear. There’s a Dead Orbit shotgun, New Monarchy Titan armour, a Suros assault rifle with Siva marks, what seems to be Siva armour (possibly from the new raid?), and a bunch of what we assume is new Vanguard or Chroma gear as it doesn’t carry faction, foundry or Siva branding. Of course, Rise of Iron may introduce new gear sources we don’t yet know about, as previous expansion and updates did.

As for environments, the tour gave us a look at new enemy faction the Splicers running around the revamped Cosmodrome. Although the areas on show were familiar to us (Bungie teased the Plaguelands but wouldn’t take us in, dang it), the revamp is more than just cosmetic. Some previously off-limits geometry is now explorable, and there are new pathways and hazards. I think it’s super cute that in Rise of Iron you can find the charred remains of the Fallen Walker most Destiny fans will have beaten over and over again.

Want to see more without the haze of video compression? We’ve got some close up screens of sweet new Destiny: Rise of Iron gear and some action and environmental shots from Destiny: Rise of Iron’s E3 2016 assets

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches in September for PS4 and Xbox One. Pre-orders will open “soon”.

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