The Persona 5 opening kind of gives us a Cowboy Bebop vibe

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 20 July 2016 00:31 GMT

Persona 5 is not about space cowboys, but you’ll see what I mean.

Persona 5 is pretty close to release in Japan, so even though the rest of us will be waiting a while we can enjoy stacks of new promos and intel.

Exhibit A is the RPG’s opening cinematic, showing a selection of our picaresque heroes magically figure skating through the city. Cut in stark red, black and white, and set to a jazzy tune, it gives me flashbacks to classic, stylish anime openings like Cowboy Bebop. Nice one, Persona 5.

I’m excited for Persona 5, which tells the story of a group of delinquent Tokyo high school students who become vigilantes. As with previous Persona games, characters enter a dark mirror world, summoning manifestations of their inner selves to battle enemies, and Persona 5 explicitly tackles themes of social alienation and the need for escape. Also: the user interface looks freaking beautiful, a thing I apparently care about now.

Persona 5 releases in North America in February, exclusively for PS4. It hits Japan in September and will also be available on PS3.

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