Dark Souls 3’s final boss the Soul of Cinder beaten using a Dance Pad

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 16 July 2016 21:31 GMT

Take a fun break from whatever you are doing at the moment and watch the Soul of Cinder being taken down using a Dance Pad instead of a standard controller.

Youtuber ATwerkinYoshi beat Dark Souls 3 during a blind run on a Dance Pad and livestreamed the event.

According to his post on reddit, ATwerkinYoshi finished the game in 44 Hours and 26 minutes on the Dance Pad; suffered 364 deaths; used the Heavy Dark Sword and Yhorm GreatShield and the hardest battle for him was the Dancer of Boreal Valley.

Give the YouTube video of his Soul of Cinder feat above a watch. It’s just over 10 minutes long, and totally worth the time spent. You can also watch highlights of his run on Twitch.

ATwerkinYoshi said his next goal is to beat Dark Souls 3 using Donkey Knog bongos, so that should be just as fun to watch.

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