Hitman’s new Elusive Target will make you think before you act

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 15 July 2016 15:26 GMT

Make the wrong choice and you will fail.

This week’s Elusive Target will rather tricky, as there’s a mirror image of the fella walking around Sapienza.

No, it’s not some form of creepy doppelgänger. It’s twins. And while these womb buddies can be a bit unsettling when starring in horror flicks, the brothers in Hitman are just bad guys. Nothing more. Because Hitman isn’t a horror franchise. Where was I going with this? It’s Friday. Ignore me.

Moving on, the target this week is Dylan Narvaez, who goes by The Twin. He will be in Sapienza for the next 72 hours along with his identical twin brother, Gonzales.

Players will need to take out Dylan in order to complete this contract, and Gonzales mustn’t be harmed in any manner or the mission will fail.

So choose your target wisely, 47s.


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